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Is X7 Esports the new big thing, or will the LFL juggernaut push on?

EU Masters | Who Are The Top Teams of the Main Event?

The EU Masters casters had plenty of great plays to keep them busy| © Riot Games

The NLC's X7 Esports has taken the EU Masters by storm, going 3-0 in a group with two of the most hyped ERL teams. Yet in the other groups, two LFL teams have equaled its undefeated record. Here are the teams that showed the most in the first half of the Main Event group stage.

The LEC is now on break after G2 Esports' heroic lower bracket rush towards the title, but the EU Masters offers fans of European League of Legends and the many regional leagues a chance to get their fix. The tournament brings the top teams of the ERL regions together for over a month of games to determine the best semi-pro team in Europe and showcase the new wave of up-and-coming talent and the many great players that did not make the LEC. Last year the French Karmine Corp team made history by securing back-to-back titles. This time, it's back - but many other teams are eyeing the prize.

The LFL's Four of a Kind

Last year, the French region was carried by a pair of amazing performances by Karmine Corp, who won both the spring and summer EU Masters This time, however, the LFL is out in force with four teams in the top 16 and a combined score of 9-3 in the first round robin. Karmine Corp are back with a 2-1, only losing one game to an amazing X7 Esports, while defeating Prime League champions GamerLegion. Meanwhile, champion LDLC OL and play-in contestant Vitality.Bee are undefeated on top of their groups. The one struggling team is Team BDS Academy, who are third with a 1-2 record behind Bifrost and Fnatic TQ. Still, so far the LFL looks like the region to beat.

NLC Has New Powerhouses

The NLC region, after falling short several times, showed up big in 2021 as both BT Excel and Fnatic Rising reached finals. This time, two newcomers represent the UK and Nordic region - and both of them look impressive. X7 Esports quickly showed they must be taken seriously, taking care of both Karmine Corp and GamerLegion in the first round robin. Bifrost, meanwhile, has tied Fnatic TQ in group C. Could this be a return to form for a Nordic region that has long struggled in the ERL despite producing some of Europe's most famous LoL players?

Is Central Europe in Decline?

In past years, the DACH Region's Prime League and Poland and the Baltics' Ultraliga have produced many champions and often had strong playoff teams even when they did not run - but so far, their representatives have struggled. Only AGO Rogue and the Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition have a positive record for now, standing at 2-1 in second place after Vitality.Bee and LDLC OL respectively. The other three teams - DACH chapions GamerLegion, second seed Eintracht Spandau and Ultraliga runners-up Team ESCA Gaming - are all in third place with a 1-2 record. All of them have a chance to make it out of the groups yet, but considering the form some of their competitors showed, it will not be easy.

That does not mean that anyone can be ignored, of course. Fnatic TQ is tied for first place in group C and the Spanish team has what it takes to be a credible contender for the top, and the representatives of the minor ERL regions should not be discounted either. European LoL knows quite a few miracle runs - though for now, so far we are not sold on their chances. 

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Do you want to follow the rest of the EU Masters group stage and see which teams make it in the top 8? Tune in this week, starting on Thursday, April 21st, when six games will determine the top teams of group D. You can follow the games on Twitch, using either the official EU Masters channel or on the many regional broadcasts, or watch the games at your leisure on the LoL event VoD channel.