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Faker Congratulates Deft on LoL Worlds 2022 Victory

News 07-11-2022 17:00
Faker and Deft Worlds Trophy
Only one got to lift the Summoner's Cup. | © Riot Games

Ahead of the League of Legends finals everyone kept hyping up the rivalry between Faker and Deft. Born in the same year, both having started their careers back in 2013 and both having gone to the same high school in South Korea. 

Only one of them could come out victorious on Novemebr 5, 2022 and this time around it was the underdog's win. Deft finally got his first League of Legends World Championship win, while Faker tried to earn his fourth. Faker is the best player of all time, but one thing we have to say is that he isn't a sore loser. 

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"He’s a Player that Fully Deserves It" - Faker on Deft Win

T1 had to move to the post-game press conference after their loss to DRX in San Francisco. When asked about the incredible baron and drake steals both ADC Gumayusi and jungler Oner pulled off the two stated that they likely won't look back fondly on those steals due to the result of the game. 

At the time, I felt that we’d win our series, since lady luck was smiling upon us. However, those were moments that came from the losing team, so I don’t think it’ll be as beautiful.

T1 head coach and fomer SKT T1 jungler, Bengi, also explained that the team had made some mistakes, but the draft was also lacking in the series. They had misjudged how highly DRX would prioritize Aatrox in the draft and therefore messed up the final days draft. 

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When asked about the outcome Faker explained that the team had made some mistakes they can clean up in the future. He stated that the team would improve in the future with the LoL Worlds final loss as the starting point of said change. 

I’m thinking about the reasons behind our loss and the mistakes that we made, but I also think that today’s loss will serve as good footing to further improvement in the future. Deft won his first Worlds title today, and he’s a player that fully deserves it. Congratulations.

He also congratulated Deft on his victory and his first League of Legends World Championship title. It seems that Faker is confident that this loss won't hinder the team's success in the future, but that the young players on the current T1 squad will use it as fuel to better themselves in the coming years. "We may have finished second place, but I have faith that we’re going to improve a lot further, so I didn’t shed tears this time."

T1 might have lost the series, but most players are still under contract until 2023, so we could see the same team back again in 2023. It all depends on mid laner Faker who is the only player under contract until November 21, 2022. Will we see the same iteration of T1 in 2023 then? 

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