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2022 is looking a little brighter already.

Faker Re-Signs with T1

News 19-11-2021 18:05
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Faker is back! | © Riot Games

The 2021 LCK off-season has been a slow grind. We found out that Teddy has left T1 and rumors are afloat that he is going to be joining Afreeca. Former jungler Cuzz has left the org for KT Rolster. But what happened to Faker, the face of League of Legends? He’s a free agent as well this year, right? Would he ever leave the storied franchise?

TSM fans were high on some hopium, thinking they could get their hands on Faker, while Cloud9 was building their own squad of Koreans. Team Liquid has picked up a whole lot of LEC talent – according to rumors – as well.

But on November 19, 2021 T1 finally gave fans the answer they’ve been looking for. Where is Faker going in 2022?

Faker Re-Signs with T1

Where else did anyone think? This man started his career on SKT T1 back in 2013. He won 3 World Championships, multiple MSI titles and too many LCK championships to count. All with the same team – SKT T1, now rebranded as T1.

So it comes as no surprise to see that Lee “Faker” Sanghyeok” has re-signed with the org. A simple tweet of ‘I’m back’ was spread on the internet, indicating that T1 have managed to retain their mid lane superstar for the coming season.

Throughout 2021, T1 have struggled with their roster, but during the summer split the team seems to have found the perfect roster. Keria, Gumayusi, Oner and Canna with Faker at the helm. 2022 will likely see the team continue with this roster – though a shake-up in top might still happen.

This T1 roster has shown tremendous growth in a short period of time. The above-mentioned players only played together for a solid 5-months while other teams have had the entire 2021 season to perfect their teamwork.

Therefore, with Faker re-signing we could see further growth from this young team that managed to make it to the semi-finals of the 2021 World Championship this year.

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