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Who thought adding untargetability to an item was a good idea?

Fans Call the New Duskblade Effect Abuse Anti-Fun

News 19-06-2023 23:30
High Noon Samira
The counterplay is to hope she uses her E | © Riot Games

If you have any older siblings or cousins, you know how frustrating it is when they hold you at arm's length and you are unable to touch them. Well, the same goes for the most annoying champions in League of Legends.

These champions are the ones that can either dodge your attacks, make you blinded and unable to hit them, or just make themselves untargetable. Well, what happens when this effect it tacked onto an item?

Why Are the Duskblade Changes So Annoying?

The old Duskblade passive ability granted invisibility to champions upon takedown. It was a powerful passive effect for assassin classes, which allowed them to take out an important target and get away without dying in return.

Invisible, however, did not mean untargetable or invulnerable. You could still get caught in enemy skill shots, or get silenced by AoE abilities, such as Blitzcrank's ultimate, which was made for these types of situations.

However, the Duskblade we have today finds itself in that exact problem. Speaking of Blitzcrank, his ultimate's silencing effect is one of the best ways to stop a Samira ult from wiping out your team entirely.

Another way to accomplish that is by applying any other hard CC onto Samira which is the well-known counterplay against this champion. With the Duskblade build, however, that counterplay timer just got a lot smaller.

Another champion that is quite capable of abusing this build is Miss Fortune, for the sole reason of Samira's ultimate and her own sharing a single thing in common. Neither is considered an action that breaks status effects such as sleep, invulnerability, or untargetability.

This is due to the fact that both are channeled abilities, which, if activated before a takedown, are not considered cast during the status effect. Another champion that can abuse it the same way is Katarina, but due to how bad the item is for her, it has not been such a huge problem.

Miss Fortune Käptn
Luckily the Youmuu's Ghostblade build is still more optimal | © Riot Games

This means that focusing down the ADC becomes physically impossible for 1.5 seconds, which is a lot of time for a late-game ADC of their caliber to have free reign to output as much damage as possible.

For years now, players have been complaining about champions that have abilities such as this, with Yuumi being the most often champion on the chopping block. The decision to take the status effect that poses such an issue to the LoL community, and make it an item Mythic effect is interesting to say the least.

At the very least, they have promised to enact fixes as soon as possible. They were supposed to take place this patch, but due to even more issues cropping up while trying to fix it, the fix has been delayed for the next patch.

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