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Is there still hope for T1 fans?

LCK: T1 Victorious Over Nongshim – Even Without Faker!

News 14-07-2023 15:47
Keria Zeus T1 2023
Thumbs up from Keria and Zeus: Have T1 found their footing again? | © Riot Games

After a grim couple of weeks, it seems like there is a silver lining for T1 fans and players alike! The squad has managed to emerge victorious over last-placed Nongshim RedForce in an LCK matchup on July 14, 2023.

Normally, a victory over a team sitting in last place should be expected from a team like T1. But the 2022 Worlds finalists looked worringly out-of-sync after superstar and team leader Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok had to step down due to a wrist injury. Could this victory be the turnaround for T1's playoff hopes?

T1 Manage Decisive Victory In Crucial LCK Matchup

Even if you aren't a fan of T1 (in which case shame on you, everyone here at RF is) you pretty much couldn't help but feel for these guys. About a couple of weeks ago, esports legend Faker revealed that he has been playing with an arm injury throughout the split. Shortly after his reveal, it was announced that he would need to step down and focus on his recovery. 

Since then, things have been looking rather grim for his team. It's still the same squad that went to the Worlds Finals 2022, but without Faker, the boys were almost unrecognizable. Subbing in for Faker was T1 Academy mid laner Yoon "Poby" Sung-won, who obviously had big shoes to fill.

After two crushing defeats in Week 5 against DRX and front-runners Gen.G, T1 fans feared not only missing out on Worlds, but on the LCK playoffs as well, should Faker not return as soon as possible. 

The T1 squad, though? They looked far more determined in their first Week 6 matchup against Nongshim RedForce!

Of course, Nongshim are sitting in last place, but it's maybe what T1 needed to find their footing again. Keria, Poby and Co. showed up big-time, and managed a 2-0 victory against their opponents. 

Poby's performance in Game 2 should be a huge confidence boost for him and T1 fans alike. He displayed his full potential with an impressive 7/1/5 finish on Azir. Meanwhile, Gumayusi and Keria looked like their old selves, and also Zeus and Oner had performances that were a lot more reminiscent of the T1 we know than the Week 5 matches we saw. 

T1 still has one more match coming up in Week 6. They have to go up against Dplus KIA on July 16, 2023. If they manage to win, they would take over DK's third place and keep their Worlds and LCK Playoffs hopes very much alive!

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