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The notorious ADC may make a return for 2022.

Is Doublelift making a comeback?

News 06-11-2021 07:10
Doublelift Finals
Will Doublelift return to TSM?

The 2021 Off-season continues to excite fans before Worlds 2021 has even finished! With so many rumors flying around, we thought it'd be a great idea to cover the alleged plans of NA's most famous ADC: Doublelift.

Will Doublelift return to the LCS?

Beloved content creator and interviewer, Travis Gafford, tweeted yesterday regarding the future of the most polarizing ADC in the LCS. In the tweet, he linked a video in which he discusses information on Doublelift's plan for 2022.

It's important to note that the source of this information remains unnamed. However, dedicated LCS fans will know that Travis Gafford is a close friend of Doublelift after having lived together in the past. However, It's entirely possible that these plans fall apart as Doublelift's LCS return is contingent on several factors...

What will make Doublelift return to the LCS?

Gafford's video explains that Doublelift will return only under certain circumstances. After all, the 28 year old only just retired alongside Bjergsen in 2020!

Most importantly, this star ADC player wants to find the right roster. Specific players weren't named, but it was reported back in December by Dexerto that Doublelift only retired in 2020 after a miscommunication regarding the arrival of SwordArt. This naturally leads fans to wonder where SwordArt is headed after his recent departure from TSM?

Will Doublelift return to Team Liquid?

Travis Gafford also reported in a tweet worthy of it's own article, some huge news on TL's predicted 2022 LCS Roster.

So it looks like NA's best team is going to be 4 EU players and 1 Korean in 2022, ironic! This rumor is contingent upon the Green Card Process going smoothly for CoreJJ, who joined Team Liquid back in November of 2018.

What will the LCS/LEC look like in 2022?

There is an on-going discussion about the rampant LEC imports filtering into the LCS system. If these Team Liquid rumors are true, then the LEC is losing even more star players after the departure of Perkz, Finn, and Alphari in 2020.

There is a lot of foreign talent in NA nowadays. Domestic players are almost nowhere to be seen, and this issue appears to be getting worse as time goes on. What do you guys think about this issue? Should NA invest more in domestic players or import more?

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