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LCK Player Sacrifices Precious KDA For T1 Pentakill

News 08-02-2023 16:30
T1 Guma 2023 Spring
T1's bot laner earned his pentakill... with a little help. | © Riot Games

T1 facing off against BRION is already a David vs. Goliath match up, with T1 being the most dominant team in the LCK right now. On February 8, 2023 the teams faced off with T1 dismantling the other team, but not without a little help from the BRION players themselves...

At the highest level of play, KDA and a players own scoreline is also very important, but in the most recent match between T1 and BRION, one player stood out by sacrificing himself, and his scoreline, for a pentakill. 


BRION Top Laner Sacrifices Himself to Give T1 Pentakill

The game was basically lost already. T1 had dominated the match between themselves and BRION, with no win in sight for BRION. As the teams faced off in the second match of the night in one final fight right by BRION's base, T1's bot laner Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong managed to take down four BRION players swiftly, earning a quadrakill. 

Meanwhile, top laner Park "Morgan" Ru-ha, playing Jax, had managed to escape, running back to his base to heal back up to try and defend the onslaught of T1. He realized it was futile though and instead stood by the base, almost waiting for T1 with open arms, as well as the perfect target for Guma to get a pentakill. 

Watch the pentakill happen right here:

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Instead of moving he just stood there and let T1 attack him and while the pentakill did go over to Gumayusi, it seemed like his teammates weren't ready to let him get it for free.

In the post-match interview T1 jungler Moon "Oner" Hyeon-jun explained that mid laner Lee "Faker" Sanghyeok had jokingly called on them all to try and steal the penta from their teammate. 

Faker said ‘steal it, steal it!’ so I was looking for the steal as well, but he was lucky and got the penta so I was so bummed out.

Both Oner and Faker failed to do so, earning his third pentakill, second on Zeri, in the LCK. T1 will face off against DRX on February 12, 2023 while BRION will look to take on Hanwha Life on February 10, 2023. T1 are currently first in the LCK with a 6-1 record, while BRION are on the cusp of making the LCK playoffs with a 3-4 record. Beating Hanwha Life in their next game could be crucial to their standings. 

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