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Imagine DoinB in the LEC

LoL: DoinB Reveals Which Region Pays Their Stars The Most

DoinB Quarterfinals
Imagine him in the LEC! | © Riot Games

DoinB might not be playing for a team this season, but he is not forgotten thanks to the amount he streams and all the tea he drops every single time. 

Not too long ago he started beef with his former teammate Tian and has now also spilled the beans on which region pays their top stars the most. One thing he also revealed is that he got offers from overseas as well. 


LCK Pays Top Stars The Most From Any Region

According to DoinB, who talked about earnings around the world, the LCK is the region that is paying the msot for their S-tier players this year. In a translation by LPL Fanclub on Twitter it was also revealed that teams from the EU and NA contacted him. 

For S-tier players this year, LCK paid them the most, 2nd is LCS, 3rd is LPL

He did not explain which orgs did contact him, but we know that he had offers from the regions. He also elaborated on the pay gap, explaining that the LPL used to be the region with the highest salaries for top stars, but that it changed this year with the LCK taking the number one spot. 

At first, LPL was the region with the highest salaries, but now the LCK pays the most

He also explained that EU teams only some players can get the same treatment, in terms of pay, as in NA or other regions. He also added that because of the lower salaries some EU players switched to NA, since some were able to earn five times as much just by switching regions. 

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Back in the past, a lot of LEC players went to join the LCS because salaries were too low, and you could earn four to five times as much by playing in NA. The difference was huge, but now I do think the conditions in LEC are getting better

He didn't name any numbers, but it does make sense when looking at players leaving the region and moving to NA. DoinB didn't move regions, but chose to stay in China as a streamer. 

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