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LCK Summer Finals MVP | Gen.G Peanut


Peanut LCK Finals
Peanut is the MVP! | © Riot Games

The LCK Summer Split Playoffs have finished with a bang. Gen.G against T1 was a promising match, but Gen.G completely decimated T1, steamrolling them in the finals and taking control of the LCK. Finally, Chovy, Lehends, Ruler and Doran get a chance at lifting the LCK trophy. 

After great success from former Griffin players Tarzan and Viper it's time for Lehends, Chovy and Doran to show off their skill... thinking back is crazy what could have been had the team not drowned in controversy, but now Gen.G is on top of the LCK thanks to their epic win. 

Peanut Named MVP of the LCK Finals

Peanut was named the LCK Summer Finals MVP. This is extremely well-earned with his insane play making throughout the series. He accumulated 7 Poppy bans throughout the playoffs and during the finals he played two extraordinary games on Sejuani, earning him the MVP title. 

Especially Game 2 of the LCK finals he had a huge impact on the game, starting off the snowball of a quick 25-minute game with insane ganks. It seemed like he was anywhere and everywhere at the same time. 

The final player left of the OG Rox Tigers and the oldest on Gen.G he's taken on a role as a leader and has shown off just how impactful he can be. This is the second time in a row that a jungler was named MVP of the LCK Summer Finals, which goes to show just how important and impactful the jungle role is when it comes to League of Legends. 

Score Finally Beats T1

Score finished his mandatory military service and has come back stronger and better than ever. The former KT jungler has taken the helm as head coach of Gen.G and in his rookie split as a coach landed himself in the LCK finals twice and on his second attempt winning the title. 

Score is known to have been 'always number two' – similar to Chovy – and now as a coach has managed to beat his biggest obstacle, T1. Who would have thought that Score's coaching would be so impactful, but it has helped lead Gen.G to their first LCK win.