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Is the LCK Summer Split Finals already decided?

Gen.G - The LCK Superpower

Esports 05-08-2022 11:00
Gen G Team
Can anyone beat the super team? | © Gen. G & LCK

After a convincing 2:0 victory against T1, Gen.G are clear favorites for the LCK Summer Split 2022. Many experts assumed that T1 would be the team to take home the LCK trophy, but this was proven wrong when Gen.G smacked T1 on July 30, 2022. But, what makes the team so strong?

Before Summer Split 2022, T1, Gen. G and DWG were all favorites for the season's title. However, in the first half of the new split, DWG started struggling and T1 took a victory against Gen. G. This made many believe that T1 would be the team to take home the Summer Split trophy. On Saturday, July 30, 2022, the two Legends, T1 and Gen. G, met for another Showdown and this time, the results were completely different. With their 2:0 victory, Gen.G destroyed T1 and it looked like they were on an entirely other level. After this victory, we wonder what makes Gen. G such a dominant team.

Gen. G - The Numbers Behind the Success

We will now go into the stats from Summer Split and analyze what makes Gen. G so strong. But be prepared, because the latest numbers are so insane, it's almost hard to believe, but trust us we aren't trolling here. Now that you are warned let's dive into it.

Gen. G Dominates in Early Game

Even if we find ourselves in a late-game meta at the moment, the early game plays such an essential role in making everything work out in the late game. And here is where Gen. G is dominant. The team generates enormous leads early, making opponents believe they are completely fucked. Here are the numbers from their last game against T1:

T1 and Gen G stats
Even your Solo-Queue can't reach this amount of insanity. | © LCK

Looking at Gen. G's gold lead of 1000 gold in the eight-minute, there is no denying that these numbers are absurd. This gold lead also triples at the fourteenth-minute mark. T1 is one of the best teams in the LCK, but looking at their stats compared to Gen. G, they don't even come close. 

These are, of course, just stats from one game; if we look at Gen. G's stats throughout the whole season, the numbers are not as crazy. However, they are still imposing:

  • Gold Difference per Minutes: +372
  • Gold Difference at 15 Minutes: +2300
  • Win Rate when ahead at 15 Minutes: 92 %
  • First Tower: 76,7 %

We see here that Gen. G manages to have a 2300 gold lead at minute 15 and when looking at the team's win rate when ahead, we understand that the game is as good as over at that point. Looking at Gen. G's First-Tower percentage at 77%, the team's gold lead becomes obvious. It is, therefore, no wonder that Gen.G has an average game time of 30:20 minutes, which is the shortest time in the LCK.

Peanut Revolutionizes the Jungle with Poppy

A significant factor in Gen. G's success is their Jungler, Peanut. In the 2021 Off-Season, Nongshim RedForce and Gen. G swapped players. Gen. G got Peanut and in return Nongshim got BDD. This tradeoff went in Gen. G's favor because Peanut has proven himself as one of the best Junglers in the LCK. Even though many know him for his Lee Sin, Peanut brought the Poppy pick back to life this split. Poppy is a champion we can now also see in other regions like LEC, LCS and LPL. Even though the pick also received attention in Peanut's own region, no one manages to play it as well as him.

Do you want to become the next Peanut? Why don't you start by watching this video: 

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On Poppy, Peanut often looks for Level 2 Ganks. With Gen. G drafting a strong bot lane, the team manages to create a big minion wave that they push into the enemy tower. At this point, Peanut comes with his Poppy and pushes the enemy into a wall; the rest is history. 

In Peanut's nine games on Poppy during Summer Split he got a 100% win-rate on the champion and at this point, Poppy is permanently banned against him (for a good reason).

MVP Candidate: Ruler

If you thought Peanut was the only trick Gen. G had under their sleeve, you are mistaken, my friend. Being with Zeus as the MVP Favourites for Summer Split 2022, the ADC of Gen. G, Ruler, has made himself worthy of the title as the best ADC in the region. Ruler is an absolute hyper-carry and if you don't manage to kill him, then hate to break it to you, but you just lost a teamfight. A lot of the gold that Gen.G provides through their early game is invested into Ruler.

At the 15-minute mark, Ruler leads on average with 893 gold and 413 XP. The team shows Ruler a great amount of trust by feeding him with as many resources as possible. Even though this might not be the greatest idea in your Solo-Queue game, this is a wonderful strategy when Ruler is on your team. Ruler's great potential was again proven in their match against T1 when he managed to get a Penta-Kill in the 20th minute of the game. Check it out:

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Besides Gen. G's early game, Peanut and Ruler, there are possibly even more reasons for their success. The team will probably not lose any more games in Summer Split and will get a spot in the finals. Will there be a rematch between Gen. G and T1, or will another team take up the challenge?

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