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League of Legends Fans Furious Over New Champion Mastery Grind

News 06-06-2024 15:45

The grind for chests and rewards with the new Champion Mastery system has some players quite frustrated, especially with how lackluster some of the rewards are. 

Regifted amumu skin
League of Legends: Players are not happy with the new mastery system. | © Riot Games

When Riot first released the new mastery system, players hated the way it looked and hated the new aesthetic. Now, the player base has had a few weeks to get used to the new look, but it seems that there is even more to be upset over and one of those things is just how much of a chore and a grind it has become to earn chests. 

Now players have let out their frustration on Reddit, expressing how disappointed they are in the new system and how much harder it has become from the previous system.  

League of Legends Players Unhappy With Champ Shard Rewards

Spirit Blossom Yasuo
How many mastery points do you have on Yasuo? | © Riot Games

Earning Mastery Chests has become much more difficult with the new system. This has been pointed out by players earlier already, but what truly got the pot to boil over this time on Reddit was the fact that in those hard earned mastery chests, players can still receive mediocre rewards like champion shards or blue essence. 

These are rewards everyone gets simply by leveling up anyways, so players wish that by making the grind of mastery a bit harder, that players could at least get decent rewards to truly let them feel like they've achieved something. 

One player revealed that they finally finished the 12 milestone for their chest and all they received was a ward skin shard for a ward they only owned. It seems like multiple players feel similarly about the new master grind and how uninspiring these rewards are. 

Not only are the rewards something players don't like, but it also feels like ARAM and more casual players are also getting punished, with players having to pick the same champion to be able to earn the rewards. Sure, you could earn these rewards by being lucky and getting the same rerolled champions over and over, but that's highly unlikely with over 160 champions in the game. 

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