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When will they finally fix the issue?

League of Legends Turrets Still Broken

News 11-08-2022 11:30
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Riot working on recent bugs | © Riot Games

Ever since patch 12.14, all turrets have been bugged to deal way less damage than they should. Will Riot Games fix the issue any time soon? 

Typically, a turret is somewhere you can be if you are behind in lane or to deny being ganked by the enemy jungler. Since Patch 12.14, however, the beloved turret hasn’t been the safe space it used to be. The recent update created a turret bug which causes the tower to deal way less damage than it should when enemies stay under it over a longer period of time. Vandiril first reported the problem on his Twitter and YouTube, and even though the bug has been up for over a week, we still don't see any mention of turret bug fixes in the newer patch notes from Riot Games.

What is the Turret Bug Exactly?

Usually, a turret is supposed to increase its damage dealt to champions by 40% for each hit three times in a row. After patch 12.14, however, the turret damage only increases by 40% once, causing the turret to deal way less damage during a turret dive. As a result, the bug affects every player in League of Legends and even occurred during a pro game in the LPL, according to Vandiril. 

The bug happened in a recent match with FunPlus Phoenix vs. Weibo Gaming. Weibo's top laner TheShy was turret diving 17 minutes into the game, and we can see him take three tower shots, where only the second turret shot has increased damage. 

Now, this is a bug that heavily affects the turret's damage, and you would think that such an issue should be dealt with immediately. However, at this point, patch notes have been released for patch 12.15, and the bug is still not mentioned. Also, on patch 12.16 PBE, the bug persists.

Do you think Riot Games are working on this bug, or are they busier making sure their Udyr project goes the way they want to? Join our discord and let us know!

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