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The Greek Marksman cleaned house

LEC Playoffs, Round 1 MVP - Rogue Comp

Rogue's carries were both on fire - but we give Comp the nod. | © Riot Games

Rogue's AD Carry Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos led his team to a win in the hard-fight 3-2 series against MAD Lions and a top 3 place in playoffs.

The first round of the LEC playoffs had the six best teams of the summer split face off in best of five series. On Friday, Rogue defeated iconic rivals MAD Lions in a five-game showdown that saw both teams put to the test. Saturday gave us G2 Esports defeat Misfits Gaming 3-1 on the way to another title defense. Finally, Sunday gave us the first lower bracket match, where Fnatic took on Excel Esports in a game that would determine which of the two teams would keep their Worlds hopes alive and which would start their vacation early - and after nearly getting 3-0'd, Fnatic rallied for a heroic reverse sweep.

All of these games had some amazing plays, but for us, it is Rogue's Comp who earned the week's MVP slot. The Greek marksman played five different champions in the hotly contested series, having to adapt to different posiotions and often being targeted in the early game. In the end, he was key in Rogue's victories and managed to hold his own in the defeats. We expected that series to be close and the victory to be within reach for either team - and Comp was the biggest reason why Rogue came out with the win. 

A Champion Ocean

In a five-game series, Comp picked a different champion for every game. The opening bout was not very promising as MAD punished his aggression on Zeri early on and despite one eye-catching triple kill she could not change what was a very good game for the Lions. The second game, however, he got his hands on the Sivir he scored a Pentakill with earlier this month - and after an early 2v2 kill he took off, even getting a new Penta to his record as Rogue routed the Lions.

MAD heavily targeted the enemy bot lane in game 3 and Comp's Jhin was horribly behind in CS early on, but he still managed to have some presence in the mid-game and even ended deathless. He was much stronger in the next game, however, and his Lucian had multiple picks and cleaned up the teamfights. In the final game, he played Caitlyn and made good use of traps to zone off MAD and help his team set up the winning teamfights. 

Stats for the Week

Comp had a difficult start as his Zeri was heavily punished early on, and though he conjured up a  triple kill, his first game was the weakest. What followed was a dominant Sivir game with a Pentakill, two deathless games - one of them a loss for his team - and a solid Caitlyn performance.

Game 1: Zeri562
Game 2: Sivir827
Game 3: Jhin302
Game 4: Lucian


Game 5: Caitlyn33


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The LEC continues on Friday as Fnatic, fresh after their grueling series against Excel, once more faces off against Misfits Gaming. Will the Misfits go to Worlds in their last season in the LEC, or will Fnatic rally once more and save their split?