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MAD Lions break the losing streak

Caps Claps Excel as LEC Superweek Begins

Have the Lions roared too late? © Riot Games

The LEC ends the season with a three-day superweek. Day one saw both Rogue and Team Vitality drop the ball, keeping SK Gaming and MAD Lions' slim playoff hopes alive. Meanwhile, the race for the top is still anyone's to win - and with victories for Misfits and Fnatic, it's closer than ever.

After some two months, the LEC regular split is now in the home-stretch. Over three days, the best League of Legends teams in Europe would play 15 games to finalize their standing. The week begins with plenty of questions, both in terms of who will make playoff - as only two teams are out of the running - and who will secure the valuable top spots.

SK Gaming Upset Rogue

The opening game on Friday featured SK Gaming taking on the top team in the standings, Rogue. The favorites head the early lead but made several mistakes which allowed SK to come back. After a big teamfight near the Baron, they took over and were able to close out the game.

Misfits Stand Firm

After their grand comeback last week, this time Misfits Gaming almost let Astralis do it to them. After a great start with four kills for Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié's Syndra and a 5K gold lead at 15 minutes, they dropped the ball several times. Astralis took an early Baron and for a long time, the teams were neck and neck. Finally, Misfits won several fights and with a Baron and infernal soul ended the game - but it had been too close for comfort. 

MAD Lions Rally Against Vitality

After a six-game losing streak, MAD Lions were against the wall - a loss to Team Vitality meant no playoffs for the 2021 LEC champions. Vitality had a great start, but the Lions punished several overreaches. With a lot of crowd control and a fed Jinx in their pocket, they managed to outplay the favorites and get a win to keep their hopes alive.

Caps Is Back

Excel Esports started okay in their game against G2 Esports, and looked to have the better lategame composition. However, when Rasmus "caPs" Winther's Azir got several early kills, none of this mattered. Even a good fight for Excel 19 minutes in was not enough to turn the tide and in just 26 minutes, G2 delivered an exciting victory.

Renata Glasc Debuts on Stage

Friday's games concluded with a match between Team BDS and Fnatic which saw the first competitive game for Renata Glasc in the hands of Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov. Fnatic's bot lane were soon off to a great start with several kills going to ADC Elias "Upset" Lipp. The difference kept growing and 20 minute sin, Fnatic took four kills, a drake and the Baron, using them to end the game several minutes later.

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The LEC continues on Saturday from 5 PM CET with a match between SK Gaming and Excel. Don't miss it!