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G2 had 10K gold lead and two inhibitors down. Misfits had Vetheo on Akali

Misfits Shock G2 (and Us) in Friday LEC

The biggest comeback in LEC History? | © Riot Games

Fnatic and Misfits Gaming guaranteed their playoff spots on Friday with clutch wins against Rogue and G2 Esports, respectively. G2 were up some 10K and nearly ended the game just 18 minutes in, only to fall short several times and end up losing in the biggest comeback of the year - if not LEC history altogether. 

Friday saw the penultimate week of the LEC start. With only Rogue guaranteeing their playoff spot, there were plenty of impactful matches, The highlights of the evening, however, were the last two games where Fnatic took on Rogue and the big surprise of this split Misfits Gaming faced off against G2 Esports.

MAD's Losing Streak Continues

2021 LEC champions MAD Lions continued to struggle, this time against Excel Esports. The problems started from the top lane, where Finn "Finn" Wiestål had a strong early game. However, Excel's advantage quickly spread around the map and an early Baron only made it easier for them to dominate the map. The UK team scored a key win that keeps them in a good spot for what might be their first LEC playoff.

BDS Seal the Deal...

Astralis had an unenviable start to their game against Team BDS and just 13 minutes in they faced a nearly 5K gold deficit and a Jinx with six kills. To their credit, they extended the game with some clutch flanks, but it was not enough in the face of BDS' map control, aided by a Baron buff. While it was not easy getting there, BDS did not allow the game to slip away from them and secured a much-needed win.

... And SK Don't

The third game started very well for SK Gaming, who found several kills in the opening minutes against Team Vitality. However, the kill lead did not translate in gold and drakes and eventually, Vitality were able to get ahead with good map movement and good teamfighting. They chipped away at the SK base and even a heroic 4-3 fight was not enough to turn the game around.

Confident Fnatic Beat Rogue

After their win against G2 last week, Fnatic continued their good shape with a convincing game against Rogue on Friday. They got an advantage from the first ten minutes and slowly increased it, using good vision to cripple Rogue's jungler Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong. The difference steadily grew until an ace for Fnatic let them close out the game.

Misfits' Grand Comeback

The final game of the day started disastrously for Misfits Gaming, who were down 0:5 to G2 Esports in the first 10 minutes and lost two inhibitors two minutes before the Baron spawned. However, a few mistakes led to Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié’s Akali racking up kills. Misfits' Nexus was barely left standing time and again as the team kept finding teamfight wins. 36 minutes in, G2 secured the Baron only to lose four in return and Misfits barreled down their base to secure one of the most amazing wins in the organization's history.

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The LEC continues on Saturday from 5 PM CET as the victorious Misfits Gaming take on Team Vitality. Will Misfits' hot streak continue, or will Vitality's veterans find a way to victory?