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LoL: The Best Neeko Skins

News 30-05-2024 16:20

Neeko has been a popular champion since her release, and with the update to her W, she has become even more popular. She belongs to the mage category and has the special ability to shapeshift. She is a very curious and energetic champ, which is reflected in her appearance. However, as a shape-shifter, she doesn't just have one appearance but many. So let's take a look at the best Neeko skins.

Street Demon Neeko
Even though the skin is the newest, it didn't make it to the best list. Sorry little street demon. | © Riot Games

Since her release in 2018, Neeko has become a beloved mid-lane pick, always bringing the heat in fights. She is the master of disguise, slipping into different shapes easily. Sometimes, it's hard to tell whether it's the jungler or a transformed Neeko coming your way. 

However, beyond her abilities, her personality is also quite remarkable. Hailing from the deep, uncharted jungle of Ixtal, she belongs to the Vastaya. Like many of these mystical beings, she is a blend of animals and humans. Her colorful appearance clearly hints at her jungle roots, so it's quite funny that she was designed for the mid lane instead of jungle.

Given Neeko's ability to transform into other champions and minions, she often makes funny or wicked comments about the unfamiliar bodies she takes on. Even though she loves her shape-shifting ability, there are moments when she'd rather be in her own skin. And who could blame her, especially when a new skin makes her look even more stunning than usual?

These Are The Best Neeko Skins In League of Legends

Every skin of Neeko has something special, but only 3 made it to the best list. Shall we take a look at them?

3. Winter Wonder Neeko

Winter Wonder Neeko
Despite being the oldest Neeko skin, it's still the most beautiful. | © Riot Games

The Winter Wonder skin marked Neeko's debut in the skin department and instantly capturing the hearts of fans. With its unique style and icy effects, it remains one of the most beloved Neeko skins to date. The crystals above her head unmistakably lend her a majestic look.

Even her in-game movements and abilities carry an added touch of magic, immersing you in a wintry feeling. Because of its uniqueness, it's classified as an Epic skin and costs 1350 Riot Points.

2. Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko

Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
That skin has something magical. | © Riot Games

Let the atmosphere sink in! The Shan Hai Scrolls skin has a truly special aura and feels extremely magical. It was released in January 2021 in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festival. The skin symbolizes luck and prosperity, and that's exactly the feeling you get when you play her. With her white hair and unique aura, she feels light and fun in-game.

And I think we can all agree that the Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko skin, alongside Lillia's, is definitely the prettiest of the bunch! The 1350 Riot Points are well worth it.

1. Prestige Neeko Skin

Prestige Star Guardian Neeko skin
No Skin can compete with a Prestige skin! | © Riot Games

Neeko's Star Guardian skin already looks amazing in its regular form, but as a Prestige skin, none of her other skins can compare to it. As a Star Guardian, she's part of a big mission, fighting with her squad to save their missing teammate. Along the way, they clash with Zoe, a rogue Star Guardian, who's got Xayah and Rakan under her spell.

Her story and the unique appearance of the skin earn her the honorary title. And the best part about the skin line: Since there are already a bunch of Star Guardians, you and your teammates can all pick Star Guardian skins in Flex and fight in the Star Guardians' universe.

You can obtain the regular Star Guardian skin for 1350 Riot Points. However, if you're looking for more glamour, you can purchase the Prestige skin for 200 Mythic Essences. 

These are our favorite Neeko skins. Which one do you like the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!