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LoL: Caster Legend Quickshot Is No Longer Employed - Heres Why

News 22-03-2024 17:51

Another Legendary Caster lost. LEC won't be the same. 

Quickshot 1401
Quickshot left the LEC. | © Riot Games

Trevor "Quickshot" Henry was one of the original casters for the European LCS. He was present in every single event and was a key reason why they were so memorable.

He was recently let go from the LEC due to very interesting reasons.

Quickshot Won't Be On The LEC Broadcast Anymore

Quickshot has recently shared a statement on his X (formerly known as Twitter).

He is now a freelancer and no longer employed by Riot Games. 

It is unsure how the future for Quickshot looks like, but he is certain that he will not appear on the LEC broadcast.

Why Was Quickshot Fired?

Medic LEC
Only a few casters left... | © Riot Games

There is no 100% confirmed reason why Quickshot was let go. However, there is a rumor which could potentially be the reason.

There is a video where Quickshot and other fellow casters were seen dancing in the LEC studio. This was not live and just between the friends. He made a distasteful silly joke that contains a certain German dictator from the Third Reich.

Since the appearance of this video he has not been on any LEC broadcasts so it is safe to assume that this might be a reason. 

Personally I think this is a weird reason as he didn't know that the camera was even rolling. It's an absolute shame that we lost this legend because of a stupid joke between friends. 

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