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LoL: New Hall of Legends Skins Cause Outrage, $500 Bundle Rejected By Community

News 29-05-2024 16:05

With the grand 'Hall of Legends' event, Riot is not only bringing us stickers and mythic essence, but also new skins – especially for Ahri. And wow, they are expensive. 

Lo L Ho L Skin Trailer Ahri
The new skin line has been announced! | © Riot Games

Riot has revealed the new skins in conjunction with the announcement of the huge Hall of Legends event. These skins were developed in honor of the most famous LoL players, and they look as glamorous and impressive as you would expect.

However, in this skin line, only two champions have received skins so far, and one of them has even gotten three!

LoL Hall of Legends Skins: Champions & Cost

The event and the skin line primarily focuses on the legend of legends: Faker. One of the skins even features his signature! You might think it would be for his arguably most dangerous champion, Azir, but that’s not the case. Instead, Ahri has received three skins!

The catch? Check out the prices below: 

Skin Name
ChampionBundle Price
Risen Legend LeBlancLeBlanc1950 RP
Risen Legend AhriAhri5430 RP
Immortalized Legend AhriAhri32430 RP
Signature AhriAhri59260 RP

The Ahri skin varies slightly depending on the bundle. The animations for Risen Ahri already look fantastic, but those for Immortalized and Signature are breathtaking! However, the Signature skin not only features an incredibly stunning appearance but also has a special connection to Faker. With each fallen tower, Faker's signature is displayed. But still, $500? 

It's also a shame that Azir didn't get a skin. Yes, Azir has already several skins, but Ahri is one of the champions with the most skins in game! Who knows? Maybe Azir will finally get a new skin in the next skin line – I mean, hope dies last, right?

Release Date for Upcoming Skins

The new event, which includes the skins, will be added to the game with the next major LoL Patch 14.12. The event officially runs from June 12 to July 15. After that, the skins will no longer be available in advance. But don't worry, they will return every year!

Msi 2022 faker
Faker is truly outstanding! | © Riot Games

This skin line is perfect for all esports fans, especially those who are fans of Faker. But as you would expect, the price has enflamed the community: