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LoL Patch 14.2 Hotfix: These Are The Changes Riot Is Making

News 25-01-2024 14:39

With new patches come new bugs, and apparently rumble can't stay weak for longer than 20 hours! Let's check out the hotfixes!

Pulsefire twisted fate tf
TF got some nice changes this patch. | © Riot Games

Some nerfs and buffs overshot, so they are tuning some numbers to make it feel a bit more balanced. They are also fixing some bugs with Unflinching that made for some seriously fun clips with Graves W.

League of Legends Patch 14.2 Balance Hotfix

Champion Buffs


  • E On-Hit damage from 14-58+25% AP to 14-66+30% AP


  • Base Attack Damage from 61 to 64
  • E Damage from 60-160+40% AP to 60-160+50% AP 

Champion Nerfs

Debonair brand
Some "brand" new nerfs hehe. I'll show myself out thanks. | © Riot Games


  • P Monster Damage from 230% to 220% 
  • Max health damage per stack from 2.5% to 2%

Bug Fixes

  • Twisted Fate Red Card didnt slow the primary target
  • Karthus Wall of Pain no longer grants weird amounts of resists
  • Unlinching doesnt give people infinite stats in Graves's Smoke Screen anymore

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