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LoL: All LCS Co-Streamers Announced – Sneaky, IWDominate & More

News 18-01-2024 15:30

The LCS 2024 Season is starting soon and with it the co-streams. Who was your favourite streamer to watch in 2023 and did they get a spot for Season 14?

Who will co-stream LCS? | © Riot Games

Season 2024 of the LCS is starting soon. The League has allowed multiple streamers from different languages to co-stream the spring split. In an article they have shared their approach to co-streams this year as well as who will co-stream the LCS.

LoL: Who Will Co-Stream The LCS?

LCS Arena
Who are you watching LCS with? | © Riot Games

The official NA streamer list for the 2024 Spring Split of the LCS is:

  • Doublelift
  • IWDominate
  • LS
  • Meteos
  • Sneaky
  • Spica

Alongside the NA Creators, the LCS has also opened up three global slots to ensure a broader language coverage. 

These international streamers are:

  • Baiano (Ilha das Lendas) — Portuguese
  • Toad Amarillo — Spanish
  • Zerotick — French (beginning 1/27)

The LCS made a few changes to how they are treating co-streaming. They wanted to narrow down the focus to fully support each and every co-streamer fully. They are also exploring additional content possibilities like interviews with players and additional on-site experiences.

The goal for co-streaming is and has always been the cultivation of co-streams as a platform for creators to share their love for the LCS with their community. 

LCS is starting on 20 January so get ready for the action then. Which team will win it all in 2024? My money is on NRG. Hopium is real. 

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