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LoL Patch 14.6: Galio Changes - How did they turn out?

News 27-03-2024 17:41

Galio got quite a few changes in Patch 14.6. But did they turn out the way Riot wanted?

Galio 3
Galio needs some buffs after the previous changes. | © Riot Games

In Patch 14.6 Riot gave Galio some much-needed Balance Changes. The Champion has been struggling in the meta and Riot wanted to push him more to an AP bruiser side rather than a Full tank.

Galio got some changes to his passive as well as his base damage and ap ratios. Check out the entire changes in our 14.6 Patch notes article

The goal of the changes were that he can brawl a little bit longer and that he can buy some AP bruiser items that give health and ability power. 

Did The Changes Make Galio Better?

Enchanted Galio skin
Neeko is just the better Galio at the moment in terms of fights. | © Riot Games

Absolutely not. He actually got a lot worse stat wise. It might be that people are still sticking to the tank variant and not building the AP items that they should.

Most players are still buying the broken AP items like Lichbane and Shadowflame instead of Rod of Ages or Riftmaker. 

Well we're halfway towards Patch 14.7 and Riot has announced new buffs for Galio.

Riot is going to buff his passive AP ratio and give him some better damage reduction on his W as well as more base damage on his E.

These changes make his laning and wave clear a little bit better and should allow him to skirmish longer in the mid-game. These changes are also benefitting Tank Galio though, so we will probably not see any AP bruiser Galio still.

Personally I don't think that these changes are enough for Galio at the moment, so we might see some more buffs. Project Galio is definitely not done for Riot. The champion needs a lot more work. Maybe one day he gets the flash interaction back? 

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