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LoL Patch 14.6: Is Carry Senna finally dead?

News 18-03-2024 12:00

This is like the tenth time nerf to carry Senna. Riot when will it finally be balanced. 

High Noon Senna
Senna is getting her soul gain nerfed, again. | © Riot Games

Senna players or people who keep up with patch notes regularly already know this, but Senna gains are getting nerfed again.

Senna is a character that can be played in both the support and ADC position. When playing Senna, anything you or your teammates kill has a chance to drop “Mist Wraiths”, which can be consumed for extra stats. At a certain point, when Senna has a lot of these stacks, she has very high range and damage. 

Riot Games has tried balancing this by making it so that creatures killed by Senna directly have a low chance of spawning a Mist Wraith, while things that are killed by teammates have a higher chance. This allows Senna Support to get really strong in the late game. Too strong, in fact, hence the nerfs. 

Senna Got Her Souls Nerfed, Again

Star Guardian Senna
Star Guardian Senna came from Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

In Patch 14.6 Riot is changing the spawn rate on her Mist Wraiths. Whenever she kills a minion, there is an 8.3 % chance that it spawns a Wraith. After patch 14.6, this will be lowered to only a 2.8% chance. Many will remember these numbers because in Patch 12.11 Riot did the exact opposite, changing the Wraith spawns from 2.8% to 8.3%.

In Patch 12.3 Riot changed it to 2.8% from the previous whopping 10% chance. This was already very high because this got previously buffed in Patch 11.17 from 4.1%.

You get my point. This hasn't been the only change to her spawning chances, there are simply too many. But what does it do? Well, it locks Senna into a certain role. Usually after changes like these she will be primarily played in the support position with the occasional fasting Senna tank support. This is also typically the time when she feels the most balanced.

Senna alt skin
Senna is bad now? Hardly. | © Riot Games

The problem with Senna is that once she has enough stacks, nothing can really reach her anymore to deal any damage, and she one-shots people from two screens away.

Will Carry Senna be dead? Probably, Riot is pulling the trigger here and doesn't give her any compensation buffs because she is currently one of the strongest bot laners in the game by a large margin and has been for a while. It would not surprise me if we don't see any Senna Carries any more, even with Fasting Senna still being on the table.

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