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Riot Is Nerfing Event Passes...Again

News 17-03-2024 10:30

Banners, Titles and the new cash grab capsules. Did they actually think we wouldn't fall for it?

Peacemaker high noon yone splashart
The High Noon Event is coming soon. | © Riot Games

This is the 3rd Article I write about Pass Nerfs in like 4 Months. What are you doing Riot? What happened to listening to feedback? Well, let's catch you up to speed if you dont know what I'm rambling about.

During the Winterblessed Event in 2023 Riot Games has removed a Grab Bag from the Premium Event Battle pass. Instead, we got three different banners as a reward. Players didnt necessarily like this. Not only are Banners not the same worth as three different skin shards but the previous Soul Fighter event actually gave us a banner for free, without losing anything for it.

A huge drama ensued and Riot has stated that they will listen to feedback. 

Did Riot Listen To The Feedback? Spoiler Alert: No!

High Noon Rell
Finally a Rell skin atleast. | © Riot Games

Rioter BarackProbama has already responded to the issue during the Winterblessed Event. 

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He understood that we liked Grab Bags better. Or did he? Because in the following Heavenscale Event, we did not get a Grab Bag. We got a Capsule and a Title instead of Banners. 

Now Capsules themselves aren't that bad if they weren't tied to a $200 Chroma of an already existing skin but with the new High Noon Event they are just nerfing the pass again.

Instead of a banner, a title or a grab bag we are getting none of those. We are getting another capsule. For another $200 chroma. 

It's honestly ridiculous at this point that Riot keeps nerfing the only decent way to spend any money on the game while simultaneously releasing the most expensive content ever. 

High Noon Gragas
And the skins look great aswell. | © Riot Games

Every time we have people looking over the data mined pass rewards and finding out a new way of Riot Games trying to screw with us. Please vote with your wallets and stop buying the passes or else it will just get worse.

When will this stop Riot? I WANT to spend money on your game, but the deals just keep getting worse. 

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