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LoL Players Abuse Bug To Gain "Infinite" Attack Damage In Arena Mode

News 03-08-2023 13:00
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League of Legends players exploit an in-game bug to gain infinite attack damage |©Riot Games

League of Legends' latest mode, "Arena," appears to be a community favorite, thanks to its quick pace, straightforward mechanics, and the added bonus of a distinct ranking system. The use of the augment system, borrowed from TFT, adds a delightful twist and significantly enhances the mode's replayability.

To be honest, if there's one thing that League of Legends players can learn from TFT mains, it's this: If there are Augments, there's surely a way to exploit them in unintended ways!

To be perfectly fair, it seems like a daunting task to consider all 162 existing champions when creating a whole new set of Augments for an already new mode, so there are surely going to be some bugs that will come to live servers. 

Let's delve into what all the fuss is about!

LoL Players Exploit Bug for “Infinite” Attack Damage

Augments in Arena

Augments in Arena function similarly to TFT, and you can choose four of them over the course of a single round. These Augments appear in three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic.

The game's small yet potent additions open up numerous new strategies and enjoyable team combinations. Champions rarely witnessed on the Summoner's Rift become absolute powerhouses in the Arena. Taric is a prime illustration, as he is a must-pick or ban in this mode.

LoL Arena: Augments add numerous features to the new game mode! | © Riot Games

With over 100 Augments added, it is practically impossible to have checked all interactions in advance, which can lead to players finding super crazy bugs.

Broken Augment Interaction

Recently, a bug has caught the attention of some players, who discovered an issue with two specific Augments that essentially grant you limitless power:

  • Warmup Routine (Silver)
    → Gain the Warmup Routine Summoner Spell. Warmup Routine allows you to channel to increase your damage for the rest of the round.
  • Master of Duality (Prismatic)
    → Your Attacks grant you stacking Ability Power and your Abilities grant you Attack Damage.

If you manage to obtain both of these Augments, the bug is quite easy to replicate.

The "Warmup Routine" ability can be used without a cooldown, allowing you to cast it again even after being interrupted. However, using this newly added Summoner Spell counts as an ability, causing the second Augment of this method to stack.

Since you have the option to interrupt yourself while channeling "Warmup Routine," you can spam this ability repeatedly, leading to an infinite stacking of "Master of Duality." As a result, you gain a massive amount of attack damage!

Before you invite your arena buddy to try out this infinite power, it's crucial to remember that this interaction is still a bug. As we all know, abusing bugs in LoL can quickly result in a 14-day suspension from the Rift!

Since Arena is quite popular at the moment, Riot will probably address this interaction quickly, either by removing it entirely or adding a Cooldown to “Warmup Routine” to prevent ability spamming.

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