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LoL Pre-Season 13 | Jungle Changes, Vision Update & Chemtech Drake

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Who is ready for the LoL Pre-Season 13? | © Riot Games

In the most recent Riot Pls, Riot Phroxzon spoke out about the upcoming changes to the LoL pre-season 13 and what exactly they are looking to update in the jungle and on the map. There are some huge changes coming to the game, so buckle up, because this is a doozey. 

So, Garena accidentally leaked some of the information we were given, but now it was officially confirmed once more that the jungle is changing once more. It seems that every single off-season and pre-season the jungle is getting a few updates, eh? But those aren't the only changes. Let's go over them all right now. 

LoL Pre-Season 13: New Ping System Introduced

This one isn't a huge update, but a welcomed one. The way we communicate in League of Legends is outdated and very basic, especially compared to newer games from Riot. Therefore, we will be getting more varied pings in the future, which means a bigger ping wheel with more information. 

So, instead of the usual simple 4 or 5 pings we now get a broader spectrum with which we will be able to communicate in the game. But wait, not only are we getting more pings, but according to Riot Phroxzon, we might also have ways to better keep track of pings and ways to plan macro strategies in-game. 

Imrpoved Vision System

The vision system is also a bit outdated according to Riot Phroxzon, which is why they want to make it more intuitive with a little bit of help for new players. So, you'll be able to better see where you've placed wards, as well as preview where they're going to be placed when you want to put a new one down. 

Huge Jungle Changes in LoL Pre-Season 13

Buff Sharing Changes

Being a jungler is hard. You're there to babysit your lanes, as well as gain experience by getting camps and then... you even have to hand over the juicy blue buff to a flaming Syndra in the mid lane. You lost out on EXP, gold and overall it just feels bad. Therefore, Riot will try to fix the buff sharing system. 

One of the potential ideas the team is currently toying with is a buff leaving behind a 'little friend' who also has the buff for the jungler to take. Other ideas are also currently being tested right now. 

Improving Jungle Patience

Also, Riot is trying to make it feel less bad for junglers who accidentally pull a jungle animal too far from the camp, only for it to reset. This is one of the worst feelings, especially for players who just star out playing in the jungle. Therefore, Riot is working to improve this mechanic in the upcoming LoL pre-season 13. 

Riot Phroxzon explained that they don't want to make mastering jungler easier, but they do want to make the entry into the jungle position easier. So all you Shaco mains, keep doing what you're doing that won't change with the pre-season. 


Return of Chemtech Drake in LoL Season 13 

Oh yes, who else remembers this awful introduction to the jungle ahead of Season 12? The chemtech drake was a nuissance with a soul that was unbalanceable and a terrain change no one could deal with. So, get ready because it's coming back baby! 

So, while we lament the existence of the zombie, she will not be giving us a free Sion passive anymore. Instead, she will be granting champions more damage and damage reduction when you're low health. Now, we cannot forget about the new map either. Instead of the invisibility, she now mutates the plants on the rift. 


For example Blast Cone will take you further than ever before... like way further. Imagine jumping from blue buff to mid lane in the blink of an eye. Sounds better than the previous iteration for sure. 

So, along with the jungle leaks from Garena, this is everything we know thus far about the upcoming League of Legends Season 13. Are you ready for these changes?