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The towers will have bigger early impact now

LoL Preseason 2023: XP and Gold Changes Coming to the Game

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The League of Legends preseason is hitting live servers sooner than we are truly ready for it and some major changes will be coming our way. New items will be making their way onto the rift, as well as completely reworked ones, as well as huge jungle updates. 

One change that will also be impacting the different lanes and phases of the game is going to be the way XP and Gold are earned. So let's go over the details right now so you can be ready to test all these changes out once LoL Patch 12.22 hits live servers. 


LoL Preseason 2023: XP and Gold Changes 

Mid and Top Lane Changes During Preseason

The mid and top lane are going to have some pretty big changes this preseason. With the top lane having become one of the most hated lanes in the game, Riot is trying to make it a more fun lane to play. So they're changing how to earn experience. The mid lane will also be getting adjusted. 

Top Lane XP Changes

The top lane will be receiving a change to the amount of experience earned for minion kills. The lane will receive 95% XP instead of 93%. This will make the top lane more impactful sooner and should mean that it is going to play a bigger role in fights in the future... hopefully. 

Now let's hope we don't need to make an Expectation vs. Reality script for preseason, right?

Mid Lane XP and Gold Changes 

The mid lane is going to be getting a few more changes than it's solo lane counterpart. While the experience changes will also be updated from 93% to 95% XP, the gold earned in the mid lane will be decreased. Mid Lane minions will give 1 less gold for the first fourteen minutes of the game. 

Cannon minions, which already have -10 gold, will have an additional -1 added as well. This means that mid laners should spike a little later than before, but truth be told, this really isn't a huge loss for mid laners. 

Jungle XP and Gold Updates in Preseason 2023

With the inclusion of the brand-new jungle pets quite a few things are going to be changing in the preseason 2023. Therefore, Riot is going to make some pretty big changes in terms of gold and XP. Let's go over those changes right now so you're prepared for the new jungle meta. 

With the change to jungle pets players will be getting treats to feed their companions. These treats will be added every minute after the 2:30 mark in the game. Killing large monsters means your pet will be fed with a treat, letting them grow. Pets will also gain 50 gold per treat. 

The bonux XP from items and pets has also been increased from 60 XP to 75. So, junglers will get more gold and slightly more XP throughout the game. This will enable junglers to keep up with the fast pace of the game with ease. 

Changes to Jungle Camps in LoL Preseason 2023

The jungle camps will also be updated and changed. Sure, we're getting smaller leashing range, as well as a clearer line of how far out you can pull a camp, but the amount of experience a camp gives you will also be updated. 

  • Krugs, Wolves, and Raptors are worth less gold and XP.
  • Overall, jungle camps have less XP to compensate for the 15 Bonus XP gained due to jungle items.
  • Gold is being reduced in all camps to compensate for the gold earned from pet treats.

So you're going to be getting less gold and experience from camps, but these should align with the buffs from the items and jungle pets, meaning you will still be in good hands in the jungle. 

Updates to Towers in LoL Preseason 2023

Another change will be to gold earned from tower plates, as well as their resistances. Towers are going to be much more impactful in the early stage s of a game thanks to the increase of gold for each and every tower plate. With the recent changes to drakes, teams will have to think hard whether they will take dragon or Rift Herald. 

Turret plate gold is being increased from 160 to 175 per plate. The MR and Armor of the turret plates will also increase, meaning strong early game champions like Tristana might be more impactful since they can shred through towers with ease. 

Of course, Rift Herald will also be a key objective to keep an eye on throughout the preseason. So, those are some big changes. Will these adjustments make the top lane worth playing again though? 

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