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LoL: Prime Gaming Collab To End In Early 2024

News 15-12-2023 14:06

The League of Legends Prime Gaming Collaboration is one of the best ways to get cheap Riot Points and Skins in LoL. It was generally the best way to spend money on the game, since the rewards were amazing.

Prime Gaming
The Prime Gaming Rewards were amazing. | © Amazon/Riot Games

The popular collaboration between Riot Games and Amazon Prime, known for its exclusive Prime Gaming Capsules in League of Legends, has come to an abrupt end. The decision not to renew the program was made by Amazon Prime, and the collaboration will officially conclude in March 2024.

League of Legends Will Not Get Free RP Anymore

Players have enjoyed the benefits of Prime Gaming Capsules, featuring Champion shards, permanent champions, 1350 RP skins, and more. However, the recent closure of Amazon Prime's Gaming Channel, along with layoffs of over 100 employees, likely contributed to the collaboration's termination.

This change affects not only League of Legends but also other Riot Games titles like VALORANT and Legends of Runeterra, leaving players without the familiar source of in-game rewards.

Riot Games is actively exploring new opportunities to distribute similar capsules, demonstrating a commitment to providing players with rewarding experiences. While the future remains uncertain, players can look forward to fresh partnerships that will continue to enhance their gaming experiences in the evolving world of Riot Games.

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