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LoL: Rek'Sai Rework Is Finally Good

News 19-04-2024 16:21

Rek'Sai recently got some changes but failed to find his footing in the meta. Since then there have been a few more adjustments so lets see where the champion ended up.

Eternum Rek Sai
Is Rek'Sai a tank now? | © Riot Games

Rek'Sai got quite a few changes and basically a mini rework back in Patch 14.4.

While the grand majority of Rek'Sai players were understandably mad at the changes Riot had a different plan. Rek'Sai got buffed in Patch 14.5, 14.6 and 14.7. And now she is one of the strongest champions in the game.

Rek'Sai Is Unleashed

Blackfrost Rek Sai
She is a great jungler again. | © Riot Games

The Rek'Sai changes came, and the champion was basically unplayable. The mains were unhappy and asking for reverts. But Riot Phreak was persistent and gave the champion some more buffs. They actually made her passive healing incredibly strong.

This wasn't necessarily very beneficial for Jungle Rek'Sai, but she started to pop up a lot more in the top lane. Being able to heal for 200 HP after every wave for barely any cost made the champion very un-interactive to play against and very strong.

The pick even made it onto the competitive stage before Riot has toned down the healing. Currently, the champion is still pretty good with the stat changes. It is a great bruiser with some solid tank options. Rek'Sai is far from useless and can do a lot more than just assassinate. 

Stridebreaker is again her most used item and helps a lot with the combo potential. Losing the true damage was rough, but since you build Black Cleaver every game anyway you can survive without it.

I definitely recommend checking out Rek'Sai even if the gameplay can be a bit different from any other champion. She is still playable in the top lane as well in a tank setup, but you will most likely find more success with her in the jungle.

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