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LoL Patch 14.4: Has Riot Killed Rek'Sai With The Changes?

News 05-03-2024 17:00

Rek'Sai has been pretty unpopular for a few seasons now but there are still a handful of people who really enjoy playing the original void queen. With the changes that she got in 14.4 Riot might have alienated those players as well. Let's see how they ruined the champion with what was originally thought of as buffs.

Blackforst Rek Sai
Rek'Sai isnt necessarily the most favourite champion of all time. | © Riot Games

Rek'Sai is one of the few champions in the game that, while not necessarily being popular, has a small but dedicated fanbase. These so called One-Trick-Ponies only play a single champion and try to master it to perfection. 

This was very evident in the stats as the champion had a decent win rate with a rather small pick rate. The champion wasn't necessarily strong so the 50.83% win rate with a 1.3% pick rate is actually a sign that only knowledgeable players are picking her.

In Patch 14.4 Riot Games tried to shake up Rek'Sai with a mini rework. These are usually made to make a champion more accessible to a wider variety of players or bring it back into the meta. But it did the opposite. Rek'Sai was incredibly weak after these changes. Oh dear. 

LoL Patch 14.4: How The Changes Nerfed Rek'Sai

14.4 came with huge quality of life changes but also changes to her damage distribution. You can read up on all the changes in our 14.4 Patch Notes article.

Eternum Rek Sai
Rek'Sai is not even a real champion this patch. | © Riot Games

While Rek'Sai players are considering a boycott to make Riot fix their champion let's take a look at the stats. Patch 14.4 is almost over and Rek'Sai currently has a 48.8% win rate with only a slight increase in pick rate. 

This definitely makes sense as players will need to adjust to the changes, but we can already see that the champion is significantly weaker now.

The subreddit dedicated to Rek'Sai is burning and some seasoned high elo players have voiced their complaints as well.

The removal of the true damage on the E is only the tip of the iceberg but already bad enough that every single Rek'Sai player wants it to be reverted. In general the champion feels bland. They made the jungle clear a bit more sustainable, but she never had a problem with the clear anyway. The overall reduction of damage might make her seem like a bruiser now but even then her damage is way too low to actually kill things. 

Even pro players like Cloud9 Meteos have spoken out on Rek'Sai's terrible state.

Phreak has already announced buffs as you can see on our Patch 14.5 PBE article. It's uncertain whether these buffs are going to be enough but Phreak stays dedicated that this is the way Rek'Sai should be and will keep working on her in the future. 

I can't lie I have no idea how to play Rek'Sai but the opinion of OTP's is not looking too great. Do you play the Void Burrower? Do you like the changes?

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