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LoL: Riot Is Nerfing The Battlepass... AGAIN

News 25-01-2024 13:40

It hasn't been long since Riot nerfed the Event Battlepass (and faced community backlash for it). They claimed that they would consider the feedback and act accordingly, so what did they do? They nerfed it again. Good Job Riot.

Heavenscale Lee Sin
Are you going to buy the Battlepass? | © Riot Games

If you remember the Winterblessed Eventpass, you might also remember that they removed a Grab Bag and 625 orange essence in exchange for 2 banners. The community united and spoke out against this for being nowhere near a fair trade, since the Soul Fighter banner was free and not even part of the pass. Well, Riot listened back then and made an effort to communicate with their fans. But now they've made the same mistake. 

LoL: They Did It Again

A leaker found out that we are getting a capsule in the Heavenscale event. This will count towards the tracker for the new Mythic Variant Lee Sin Skin. Quite generous if you ask me. Riot has never done this before. But It's Riot, after all, so it didn't take long before people found out the truth.

Heavenscale Smolder
Smolder is also part of the Heavenscale event. | © Riot Games

Players have spotted some new details in the Chinese patch notes. These are usually very similar if we get the same events, so we can expect these changes for us as well. It says, “The League of Legends team has made some changes to the standard pass template for the tier-specific Chinese New Year Celebration 2024 Pass”. Just below it says that we are indeed getting the new Capsule and therefore have a chance to get the Mythic Variant Lee Sin skin. They also added in a title for reaching level 55. Amazing! 

Unfortunately, they also removed BOTH grab bags and an event emote. Bummer. Especially considering they really acted like they listened. Don't get me wrong, the capsule is probably of similar value as a grab bag, but why would they remove two grab bags then? It just doesn't make sense. Just another greedy, money hungry move by Riot Games. 

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