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LoL: Season 14 Micropatch Coming Soon

News 11-01-2024 18:01

The new season is upon us and with it, we are at the mercy of riots balancing. Fortunately, they are already looking at some changes for a micropatch.

Heavenscale Smolder
Season 14 will be bringing us Smolder! | © Riot Games

Season 14 has just started, and people were realizing quickly that some champions and items were just…better than others. Especially mages and tanks have been quite happy with their new toys, while fighters feel a bit nerfed.

LoL: Season 14 Micropatch Soon

RiotPhroxon has shared on X/Twitter that they will be releasing a micropatch for balancing and stability soon. 

He mentioned that burst is abnormally high right now and that they will be looking at mage items like Stormsurge which has been tearing up the rift. While they are also looking at how snowbally the game feels, he acknowledges that with more time they will have more information and better feelings on role balance. 

The patch hasn't been out for long, and people usually call for nerfs early when the counters haven't been discovered yet. They are also looking for feedback from everyone how the season is going. 

Phroxzon has been very active on X/Twitter to respond to people about balancing and MMR- related questions and It's great to see that since early 2023 communication from Riot with the Community has only been going up.

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