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LoL SoloQ Matchmaking - Even Loss Mitigation Has a Cap

News 21-04-2023 03:00
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Statistically, the most likely champion to go AFK | © Riot Games

League of Legends SoloQ ranked is a pit of despair only the most foolhardy or hopeful enter these days, with getting intend not being a question of "if", but rather, "when" and "how often"?

Luckily Riot Games have at least put up a system that protects your League Points in games with an AFK player, by reducing the amount of League Points lost. Unfortunately, there is a limit to their mercy, as loss mitigation is not an infinite resource a player has at their disposal.

Can Loss Mitigation be Used Up?

Loss mitigation is a League of Legends system put into place to deter players from leaving games and to protect the players that wish to try their best in any given game, by reducing the amount of League Points lost in a ranked game, once an AFK has been detected.

It also has the added benefit of a deterrent, as the only thing a raging League of Legends player wants is to leave the game and help their teammates lose less LP at their own expense.

It is a system we've taken for granted up until now, not even wondering whether we can be so unlucky that AFK players appear so often in our games, that the mitigation does not occur.

It has been revealed that Loss Mitigation is a weekly system, with a cap that resets every week, much like the free champion rotation or the free chests, only far, far worse.

This happened after a League player posted his interaction with Riot's customer service representative on TikTok, and from there, it spread to other social media:

"Unfortunately the Loss mitigation has a weekly limit, and when the limit is reached, no further LP can be mitigated", it was explained in the ticket answer. Reportedly, they go on to give tips for ways to win a 4v5 game as well.

Now, we can't in any way blame Riot's customer support team. In all actuality, they are extremely helpful with an array of issues that crop up, and we understand the reasoning behind the possible abuse of an infinite LP mitigation.

However, the fact that systems put into place to combat player toxicity in League of Legends have to, themselves, be restricted to prevent their abuse, shows that Riot needs all hands on deck to combat toxicity. Though they may also be cutting their losses, because this is by all accounts a problem too far gone.

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