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LoL: T1 Suffers From DDoS Attacks

News 05-04-2024 18:01

The Korean esports team is unable to train.

T1 Gumayusi MSI 2022
How are the DDoS attacks influencing the team? | © Riot Games

Ever since the LCK got attacked by DDoSers earlier this year, the Korean esports team T1 has been suffering from attacks as well. It has gone so far that the team was unable to scrim and train even in off days.

It has gone so bad that the official T1 League of Legends accounts haven't even been able to play SoloQ in their free time.

How Bad Are The Attacks?

T1 spring split champions
T1 finished 2nd this split. | © Riot Games

After finishing the LCK split second place behind Gen.G, head coach kkOma and Gumayusi have stated in interviews that the DDoS attacks on T1 have had a great impact on their training regiment. 

Gumayusi blames it on attention seeking because T1 is such a prestigious organization. T1 Rekkles has also shared more information during a stream with Caedrel.

He claims that even during their Challenger League games, T1 players were unable to train and even the Valorant roster was affected. The internet was out for over one hour.

It is sad to see many players jump on a hate train to blame T1 players calling it excuses. The team is at a serious disadvantage and the fans should stand behind the organisation.

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