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LoL: Reapered Returns To C9 Alongside Korean Prodigy Top Laner

News 17-04-2024 11:04

Cloud9 didnt really have the best season this year.

C9 Fudge
Fudge really wasnt performing at all. | © Riot Games

After an unfortunate third place during the LCS 2024 Spring season, Cloud9 has locked in some roster changes for the next split. 

The weak point was top lane, as many experts have called out Fudge for not performing as well as he used to. Back when he joined C9 he was very innovative and ready to try new things to get advantages. It certainly did work as they won most of the splits and championships after he joined. 

But now it's time for some fresh air and a new coaching staff.

Cloud9 Got The Korean Prodigy And An Old Friend

C9 Worlds 2021
Its time to change the roster. | © Riot Games

Now, while the team isn't performing bad at all in terms of North American standard, third place might just not be the standard for Cloud9. After all, they are looking for international success.

Multiple experts have called out Fudge for not performing well and even regressing and holding the team back. One of these individuals was I Will Dominate who advised C9 to move away from Fudge.

But Who Will Be Replacing Fudge?

Cloud9 has officially signed Thanatos as their starting top laner. This isn't the only roster change as they have also replaced their head coach Mithy with Reapered who has lots of history with the team. He was already head coach of the team from 2016 to 2020 

Thanatos was supposed to be promoted to the Dplus KIA LCK team alongside his jungler Lucid, but the team was afraid of too many rookies in the main roster. He earned two LCK Challenger League Final MVPs and is considered an outstanding talent.

This new roster is now locked in for the LCS Summer Split. It will be interesting to see new blood performing in the LCS and especially the potential of Thanatos together with Berserker. 

What do you think of this roster change? Was Fudge just getting worse?

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