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LoL: Ahri Is Back In The Meta But She Still Isn't Getting A Faker Skin

News 01-04-2024 12:00

Ahri is one of the most famous champions in the game. From the “A New Dawn” Cinematic to KDA, Ahri has proven time and time again that she is the face of League of Legends. And now shes back in the Meta too!

Ahri 0
Ahri is back! | © Riot Games

Ahri is back in the mid lane meta. The mid lane situation is usually that two or three champions are so oppressive that they completely deny the existence of other picks. 

But Riot has taken matters into their own hands and buffed Ahri in Patch 14.4. Now this is already a while ago but as per usual players need some time to adjust to buffs and figure out builds.

Season 14 Was Made For Ahri

Foxfire Ahri
What an amazing skin. | © Riot Games

Turns out that the buffed Ahri works really well with some items released in Season 14. Who needs to hit abilities when you can just press R and proc the Malignance effect onto your enemies. Combine this with the Lichbane Sheen effect, and you can practically autoattack your enemies to death.

In Patch 14.4 Riot tinkered a little bit with the AP ratio of the Q, which helped tremendously as it is her primary wave clear tool and the follow-up to her combo. But they also increased her health growth, which made her less squishy and able to survive a little bit more poke in the early game.

She is definitely a good choice if you want a mobile champion to climb with. Unfortunately, Faker didn't choose her to get the T1 Worlds skin, but she has a pretty big catalog of amazing skins to choose from anyway.

Ahri is doing pretty well in any ELO at the moment with a decent 51%+ win rate. With Malignance rush into Lichbane the champion does really well even if you miss a few summoner spells.

Do you play Ahri?

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