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LoL: Too Many Languages – Future Of Announcer Packs In Jeopardy

News 17-01-2024 14:07

For almost a whole century, the League of Legends community has been asking for custom announcer packs. We finally got an answer but its not looking too good.

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Riot has held their usual Ask Me Anything and like every year announcer packs was a thing being discussed. While the main talk was about smurfs, matchmaking and rotating game modes, we did get an answer for our question. 

LoL: Announcer Packs Probably Won't Happen

Rioter 100-pc-nuggets has commented on the question and mentioned that players always loved the idea. He explained that they are still exploring Announcer Packs, but they don't have anything planned for release in the near future.

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The main problem with announcer packs are the different languages. You would have to change and check the pack for all the different localizations, which would take an immense amount of manpower and work. Making sure that a certain pack works right in every language could be so costly that it is not worth pursuing. 

This is very unfortunate, as I personally would love some more customization for the game itself. Different Loading screens or Maps or even background music could be a great way for riot to implement more cosmetics.

What kind of announcer would you like in the game?

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