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LoL: Why Brand Is The Best Jungler In The Game

News 04-03-2024 16:36

Brand is usually picked in the support position but in Season 14 and even some of Season 13 he was one of the best junglers in the game. Here's why!

Arclight brand
My favourite Brand skin. | © Riot Games

Brand is a champion that doesn't necessarily bring a lot to a team comp other than damage. He is a spell casting mage that excels at dealing loads of damage and burning through big health bars. 

So how come that this champion is suddenly one of the best junglers in the game? A role that is primarily filled with utility champions, assassins, or tanks.

LoL: Brand Jungle Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Street demon brand
Brand is literally burning through the jungle. | © Riot Games

Brand has some fantastic qualities that make him the great jungler that he currently is. First he has tons of damage, specifically max health damage that works wonders against all objectives that the jungle has to offer. 

He is a very solid, if not one of the best team fighters in the entire game. This is especially important in huge skirmishes such as for dragon, void grubs or baron. 

Brand has an absolutely amazing clear. His passive combined with his max health damage allows him to deal a lot of damage to the big camps while also one-shotting the small ones with the passive area of effect.

He is also one of the champions that didn't change a lot with the new items and as such is as stable as ever. Rylai's Crystal Sceptre is still one of the core items and allows him to chase enemies and secure skill shots with ease.

Spirit Fire Brand
Even though he is strong, he is still old. | © Riot Games

The Champion does have some downsides tho and they are actually pretty glaring weaknesses.

Brand has absolutely no mobility. He does not have a dash nor a shield to save himself from troublesome scenarios and as such is very vulnerable to invades and cheeses. 

However, even if invaded he does not fall behind that much as he can clear faster than any other champion in the game. This does require a ton of knowledge and jungle tracking though as you are always in danger.

In conclusion, Brand is an incredibly hard champion to play as his kit literally consists of almost only skill shots that need to be hit to deal any damage. This damage can be absolutely ridiculous though, and you will definitely be on top of the damage graph. 

Brand no skin
Who let this become a jungle champion? | © Riot Games

While having one of the fastest jungle clears in the game the champion is prone to invades due to his lack of utility and movement abilities so be absolutely careful when inside your jungle or in the river.

Have you played as or against Brand Jungle yet?

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