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LoL Worlds 2023 Finals: Xiaohu's Ahri Build Baffles The World

News 20-11-2023 16:40

In the second game of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship Finals, Weibo Gaming mid laner Li "Xiaohu" Yuan-Hao had the most odd Ahri build and it didn't work out. 

WBG Xiaohu Worlds Finals
LoL Worlds 2023 Finals: Xiaohu tried AD Ahri and abanodned her. | © Riot Games

Game 2 of the Weibo Gaming and T1 series was an absolute stomp. T1's top laner Zeus put on a clinic in the top lane, while Oner seemed to be everywhere on the map thanks to his mobile Nocturne play. But one mistake on Weibo's part could have also been a reason in their defeat. 

Mid laner Xiaohu decided to go for a unique Ahri build, but that might have cost them the game – and also the series. 

LoL Worlds 2023 Finals: AD Ahri Pick Did Not Go As Planned

Elderwood Ahri
Ahri and AD just don't go together. | © Riot Games

In the second game, Faker picked Sylas, a melee mage. With Maokai on Weibo's team it's the perfect pick to steal the ultimate and use it against Weibo. To try and counter Faker's Ahri, Xiaohu picked Ahri who is a mobile mage and has more range than Sylas. 

When everyone loaded into the game, some fans were surprised to see an unorthodox build from Xiaohu, with him picking up Long Sword to start off the game. He upgraded the item to Kircheis Shard on his first back, a 700 gold item, which only sells for 490 later. 

Kircheis does have a magic-damage on-hit and can be built on AP champions like Ahri – or LeBlanc – this is a very unique build that you'd most likely see in solo queue and not on the biggest stage of the world. 

Building Kircheis does enable you to get more poke in and helps with the lane phase. Especially upgrading it to Statikk Shiv is something you see quite a few mid lane mages do thanks to Shiv's passive, but Xiaohu didn't even get that far in his item build. 

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He barely had any advantage in lane even with the item and he ended up getting Liandry's as his first completed item anyways. Then, at a later stage in the game he sold his AD item completely to get boots instead. Due to all of this, he lost quite a bit of gold which could have been crucial in the game. 

Out of all three games, the second was the most lopsided, with T1 dominating throughout, so it does make you wonder whether this one item build truly would have made such a big difference. 

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