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LoL Worlds Finals MVP: DRX Kingen

News 06-11-2022 07:25
Kingen MVP Winner
Kingen is our LoL Worlds 2022 MVP. | © Riot Games

Who would have thought that a almost no-name top laner would show up the way he did? Without any pressure on their shoulders, DRX did the unthinkable and took down not only the 2021 World Champions, the LCK champions, but also the GOAT himself Faker and all thanks to the LoL Worlds Finals MVP - Kingen. 

In the series against T1, Kingen showed up big, bringing out a top lane pick we've seen more than enough of throughout the World Championship, but never with such high stakes and at such a high level. 


DRX Kingen Named LoL Worlds Finals MVP After Insane Games

Each and every game in this League of Legends World Champinoship final was close and could have swung either way. One player kept his cool even when DRX had their back against the wall and that was none other than 22-year-old Hwang "Kingen" Sung-hoon who earned himself the title of LoL Worlds Finals MVP. 

DRX had an incredible run throughout the League of Legends World Championship, making it all the way from the play-in stage to the finals and winning. They're the first team to do this and winning it all is just the cherry on top. 

Throughout the finals series Kingen was faced with the youngest remaining player in the tournament and top lane prodigy Zeus, whom many deemed to be the best top laner in the world. He didn't let this phase him as he put on a clinic, especially in the final two games which landed him in the top spot with the Summoner's Cup in his hands. 

Kingen truly deserved this honor, putting his team on his back throughout the series and showing why he shouldn't be overlooked and why he is deserving of the World Champion and Finals MVP title. 

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