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DRX Pull Off the Impossible at the League of Legends World Championship 2022

News 06-11-2022 07:05

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DRX has done the impossible this League of Legends World Championship. Their story will be talked about for a long time and will go down in the history books. Even before Worlds started they were counted out, but they've shown everyone that they are the best team in the world. 

What did it take for DRX to make it this far and to finally lift the Summoner's Cup though? This is a run for the ages and we won't see a team do this again anytime soon. 


DRX Are First Play-In Team to Win Worlds

One of the biggest feats is probably the fact that DRX managed to sneak into the World Championship as the fourth seed of the LCK. Even when they started off the tournament many thought they wouldn't have what it took, preferring Liiv Sanbox over DRX. 

In the play-in stage DRX managed to move onto the group stage without a single loss, something most thought wouldn't happen, having pegged RNG as the favourite of their group. 

Throughout the group stage they were also overshadowed by the LEC first-placed Rogue as well as Top Esports who managed to place second in the LPL. DRX took first spot though and moved onto the knockout round where most thought they would also fail, especially with their next opponent. 

In the knockout round DRX had to face off against the former World Champions in EDG. After coming back and reverse-sweeping them they gained new confidence, especially after the heartbreaking inhibitor play in the second game. 

Gen.G was the favourite of the LCK heading into the tournament. DRX hadn't won a single match against Gen.G all year and once again they were the underdogs and somehow managed to keep a cool head, beating them 3-1 in the finals. 

Finally, DRX had one more team to face and that was T1 whom many had pegged as the clear favourites. Without the pressure DRX were able to play with ease, picking up key picks. In the final game they kept their cool, even when falling behind. They were the better team and managed to take home the trophy, something no one would have thought would ever happen. 

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DRX Go From Last Place LCK to World Champions

What's even more impressive with the win is to think back to 2021 and where DRX was in the standings. In 2021 DRX was at the lowest they've ever been, a team of rookies coming together with Kingen in the top lane and the whole team of 2020 disbanding, with only jungler Pyosik left. 

Then fast-forward to 2022. Deft rejoined the squad, Kingen stayed and managed to convince Zeka, the standout player of the whole World Championship, to play on DRX and come back to Korea after a stint in China. 

The team worked hard, and while their season might not have been the strongest, their finish was incredible, the momentum carrying them forward to take home the crown. 

Sabrina Ahn

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