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Rogue secures playoff spot with another clutch win

Misfits Gaming Makes Top 3 as LEC Week 6 Ends

Is MAD Lions' name inside? | © Riot Games

Misfits Gaming is now tied with Fnatic for second place after both teams won key games on Saturday. Meanwhile, Rogue secured yet another victory and is the first team to guarantee itself a playoff spot - and with a 11-2 score, they are looking pretty good.

After a series of upsets shook the LEC rankings on Friday, Saturday delivered several much-awaited matches. Misfits' winning streak was tested by MAD Lions, who needed to turn their game around to not miss playoffs. Rogue faced off against the star-studded, but often disjointed Team Vitality. Finally, old rivals G2 Esports and Fnatic went at it again.  All in all, it promised to be a pretty exciting Saturday.

Excel Defeat Astralis

Excel Esports had a good start against Astralis in the opening match, enduring the early game pressure and turning up the heat in the mid-game. The underdogs slowly slipped behind until what seemed like a misplay by Excel jungler Mark "Markoon" van Woensel resulted in his team getting four kills and ending the game. This is a much-needed win for Excel, who have yet to make it to playoffs.

Just BDS Things

The second game saw SK Gaming get a good start against Team BDS, only for the newcomers to quickly equalize and maintain a dragon advantage that lead to a cloud soul 26 minutes in.  Yet BDS' mid-game troubles reared their head again and the team was unable to set up a good splitpush, instead opting to fight 5v5 at the Elder dragon. SK  won that fight and while it took them two tries and they nearly got aced both times, they took the BDS Nexus down.

Perfect Start, but Not Enough

Misfits Gaming came in their game against MAD Lions in about the worst way possible, first misplaying a tower dive that gave their opponent three kills and then getting caught for two more in the bot lane. However, the rabbits kept their wits about them and eventually stabilized the game, even having a very good dragon control. The Lions found no way to get past their opponents' good vision and poke. Eventually, Misfits secured both the infernal soul and the Baron before pushing in the enemy base to take their fifth consecutive win. 

Another 2:0 Week for Rogue

After an unconvincing win on Friday, Team Vitality opted for a combo-oriented composition for their game against Rogue. However, they found few openings to execute their wombo combo and Rogue ended up with several early drakes, even adding a Baron 21 minutes in. Vitality had to roll the dice and contest the next Baron eight minutes later, but Rogue took four kills and secured their eleventh win and a guaranteed playoff spot.

Fnatic Win Key Match versus G2

The match of the week brought us another G2 Esports versus Fnatic bout. After losing to their old rivals earlier this season, this time Fnatic were on point in the early game, amassing a 3K gold lead at 14 minutes. The team kept getting the better of their opponents in the mid-game, as even when G2 looked close to winning fights Fnatic would somehow get ahead. It all ended in a messy fight 31 minutes  in outside of the G2 base as once more Fnatic won the teamfight and got the game-ending ace.

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LEC will continue next week, with Astralis and MAD Lions kicking off the games on Friday. Will MAD find a much-needed win or will Astralis continue serving us upsets?