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MSI 2024 Is Going To Be Held In China

News 05-01-2024 14:30

Riot Games has revealed the locations for all the international tournaments in 2024. MSI will take us back to China.

MSI 2023 crowd
MSI 2023 was in London. | © Riot Games

The dates for all major international tournaments for 2024 have been revealed. This includes MSI as well as the three locations for the play-ins, quarter-and semifinals and Finals for the League of Legends World Championship 2024.

Worlds will start on the 25 September and last through the 2 November. Play-ins and Swiss Stage will be held in the Riot Games Arena in Berlin. Quarter and Semifinals will be in the Adidas Arena in Paris and the Finals will be held in the O2 Arena in London, the place where MSI 2023 was held as well.

MSI 2024 To Take Place In China

Worlds 2020 Dragon Cosplay
Worlds 2020 was a bubble event with no fans in the building. | © Riot Games

The first big international Event is MSI 2024 in May 2024. It will be held in China. The last big international tournaments in China were MSI 2016 and the Worlds Championship 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Rumors about specific locations have started spreading, but now it's official that MSI 2023 will be hosted in Chengdu

Chinese Fans have a tendency to boo any team that isn't Chinese or won't even fill the stadium, but they are amongst the most passionate esports communities in the world and as such this is a great opportunity for them to enjoy the league.

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