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LoL: Clid, Dardoch & Forg1ven – Fans Discuss Players With Worst Mental

Esports 04-01-2024 19:55

In the world of pro gaming, being a successful player means more than just having great skills and making smart moves. Teamwork is crucial, and having a strong mental game is a big part of it. But not everyone can keep their calm under pressure. Who are the pros that have a hard time with this and even get toxic outside the game?

Singed Poison
What pro players were actually super toxic? | © Riot Games

With so much pressure around image and gameplay, some pro players couldn't resist and got a little (and sometimes very) toxic. In competitive play there is a lot of money and fame on the line and while others thrive for the competition and fair games, some find themselves being a little too emotionally attached. This can cause serious problems in and out of the game for some of the best players.

This is those players.

LoL The Most Toxic Pro Players


HLE Clid
Should he be in prison? | © Riot Games

Clid debuted back in 2016 on team Newbee Young. Together with future World Champion doinb they won the LSPL 2016 Summer Season as well as the Play-offs. He then went on to play in JDG, SKT and Gen.G where he winning multiple tournaments. After a bad split in FPX, he joined HLE and finished third in the LCK 2023 Summer split. 

During all this he had a bit of controversy as he would sometimes straight up try to intentionally lose a competitive game if he wanted to play a specific champion, but the coach didn't allow it. This obviously isn't okay for any pro player, but he never really faced any consequences.

What he did face consequences for were his sexual harassment charges! Apparently Clid had harassed two Korean women on social media and when they went to his team to clear up the situation they got ignored.

One of these women was underage at the time of the incident, which makes the situation even worse. The women have sued Clid, and he currently has a 12-month suspension from any Riot-affiliated tournaments and a 18-month suspension from Korean tournaments for continuous sexual harassment, unprofessional and immoral conduct, and criminal offenses.


The player with the most second chances. | © Riot Games

Dardoch is a North American League of Legends pro player who played for a lot of different teams including TL, CLG, Echo Fox, Immortals, Optic Gaming and TSM. Currently, he is a coach and substitute for the collegiate league in North America. 

Dardoch has always been one of the best junglers in NA and has proven time and time again that he can hold up with the best that NA has to offer. Unfortunately, he has never won any major tournaments, throughout his career.

While he performed most of the time, it became apparent that he was difficult to work with. He would often flame his team and blame them for everything that went wrong.

Some of his statements regarding his and his teams' performance went absolute viral. “Pick me whatever and let me loose in peace” is certainly not something you would like to hear from your Jungler at the start of a match. In general, he had a bad reputation, but there was one incident that basically ruined his career.

Leena Xu, Doublelift's Girlfriend and Ex-TSM President, had a private call regarding Dardochs future career when he was still on TSM. Unfortunately, she had that call in the same room Doublelift was streaming from. So in front of thousands of viewers she said the words : “It's not up to me, for example, no-one wants to pick up Dardoch, that's not my fault”. Obviously, this was extremely damaging to Dardoch's career. Leena has since apologized and taken the blame.


Life and times of forg1ven
Forg1ven was one of the biggest crybabies in EUW Soloq. | © Riot Games

Forg1ven is a Greek ADC Player. He played for Teams like Origen, SK Gaming, Gambit Gaming, H2K Gaming and lastly for Schalke 04. He got famous for an Interview where he got asked if he is the best ADC in the west. His answer “By Far.” is iconic and was actually right. Forg1ven was the best bot lane player at that time, although it didn't show through tournament victories.

After only placing third in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs, H2K placed fourth in the actual World Championship, losing to SSG.

2016 was also the season where Forg1ven announced that he has been called to serve in the greek military for nine months. A week after this announcement, H2k revealed that he got a temporary deferment of service and was able to play out the season. 

In 2019 Forg1ven announced that he had completed his military service and was open to offers. He remained unsigned until 2020 where Schalke 04 gave him his hyped return to pro play. Forg1ven always had a bad reputation because of his soloq behavior, but his arrogance and entitlement would show after the first 6 games. 

After Schalke 04 lost the first 6 games, Forg1ven tweeted that he will step down due to Schalke being “unable/unwilling” to provide a competitive team for him. 

He obviously got a lot of negative feedback for that, as he wasn't playing perfect in those games himself. He remained on Schalke for the remainder of the season, but Innaxe played for him instead.


Vasili rage
The Aftermath of Vasili's Rage. | © Riot Games

Vasili has been a pro player from season 2 to season 7. While he was always funny and friendly on social media, the competitive spirit of LoL got to him quite a lot.

He once smashed his keyboard during a professional game and even had a 20-month competitive ban due to extreme misconduct. This ban forced him to retire, but it ended in January 2020. Since then Vasili has not been seen on a pro team, so It's fair to say he is retired for good. 

You don't get a 20-month ban for simply smashing a keyboard, though. The real reason appears to be that during a League of Legends stream, Vasili got so heated that he had a loud argument with his girlfriend. During this argument he apparently beat his girlfriend, and she called the cops on him. Subsequently, he was dropped from Newbee, his team at that time, and got the competitive ban. 

After he got released, Vasili wanted to start his streaming career, which promptly ended after the Chinese streaming platform DouYu banned him. DouYou also made a special request to authorities to have him permanently barred from streaming online. He has tried streaming on the platform YY but was also banned there 2 days after.

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