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MSI 2024: "We Have To Go Through A Complete Overhaul" – T1 Gumayusi Explains What Went Wrong Against BLG

News 13-05-2024 15:32

MSI 2024 is underway with the main stage heating up. Fnatic and PSG have been eliminated and LPL powerhouse TES, as well as 2023 World Champions T1 have fallen to the lower bracket. 

Gumayusi worlds 2023
LoL MSI 2024: Guma is not happy with how T1 have performed. | © Riot Games

MSI 2024 is underway and T1, the 2023 World Champions, have fallen into the lower bracket of the main stage. Any loss means that the LCK's second seed will be eliminated from the competition. Not only are fans disappointed in the recent result, but so are the players. 

T1's bot Laner Lee "Gumayusi" Min-Hyung spoke to Korizon Esports after the loss where he explained what the team is looking to change, as well as how he estimates their match against the LCS winners, Team Liquid, might go. 

MSI 2024: T1 Could Lose To Team Liquid According To Gumayusi

T1 have not shown their best League of Legends yet at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational. Fans and experts can see that, and the results are proving it too. T1 managed to squeeze in a win after barely beating G2 Esports who had incredible games against the World Champions.

T1 Gumayusi at MSI 2023
Will T1 bounce back? | © Riot Games

The second game against the LPL first seed BiliBili Gaming ended in a 3-1 loss, sending T1 to the lower bracket where they will face off against Team Liquid, who managed to take down Fnatic with 3-1 earlier. 

After the loss to BLG, T1's bot laner spoke to Korizon Esports where he explained that the team will have to go through a complete overhaul. Not only that, but he also believes that if the team doesn't fix their mistakes, both in draft and in game, then even Team Liquid could beat them. 

I think [Team Liquid's] playstyle is quite solid, and I think UmTi will bring out some of his early game setups. I think we might win easily if we can do what we do best, but if we go into the series against TL without patching up our weaknesses, I also think that we might end up losing. 

A lot of fans have stated that they wonder whether T1 will be able to bounce back, especially with how shaky they've looked in the lane swap meta that has emerged for the tournament. The next MSI game is going to take place May 14, 2024 with G2 Esports taking on Top Esports. 

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