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What Is The Most Frustrating Aspect Of League of Legends?

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League of Legends is a team game, and sometimes it can truly get the best of players. Well, what is one of the most frustrating aspect LoL has? 

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League of Legends: What do people think is frustrating? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is turning 15 this year and throughout the years the game has drastically changed. From a few champions to a roster of over 160, to simple point-and-click abilities to insane combos, the game has become much more frustrating and convoluted. 

Players are able to use the visual mess of abilities from all corners of the map to get advantages, but with so much happening, what is it that truly gets players mad? Is it the champions? Is it the abilities? Or is it the teammates themselves? 

What Annoyed Players The Most About League of Legends?

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So how annoying do you find League of Legends? | © Riot Games

As mentioned, League of Legends has become quite the overloaded game. Some champions have more than 5 abilities thanks to the new kit Riot designed — looking at you Hwei. There are also multiple actives on items as well which make visibility even worse. 

But that isn't what has players most mad. It seems that players hate how one or two players influence the game the most. What do we mean by this? Well, a single player is able to completely dictate the flow of the game and the way the team plays together. 

So, if one player isn't having a good game and then decides to become a keyboard warrior instead of simply trying to get back into the flow of the game seems to be one of the most frustrating aspects of League of Legends. A single player is able to have a breakdown while playing and then ruin the whole game, not just for his own team, but also for the opposing team. 

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Players taking the game hostage is so bad... | © Riot Games

It seems like players don't like how a single player not playing well can impact the entire team. Compared to other PvP games where a single player can still carry, it seems like in League of Legends players are then stuck in a bad situation for at least fifteen minutes until they can FF. 

Is this type of toxicity the only frustrating aspect of League of Legends, or are there other situations that make your blood boil? Will Riot be able to fix this type of toxic behavior someday? 

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