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LoL Ranked Season 14: When Will Split 1 End And Split 2 Start?

News 12-03-2024 14:02

Split 1 is coming to an end soon. Are you happy with your Rank?

Victorious tryndamere
We will be getting a lot of Victorious Skins! | © Riot Games

Riot Games has changed how the Ranked Season works in 2024. Basically instead of one year long season we have multiple splits that will reset your rank. 

This also means that we will be rewarded for each split instead of once per year. Riot has confirmed that we are going to have 3 different splits in 2024. Each split will last for around four months. 

When Does Split 1 End?

Victorious Anivia Final WEB
Victorious Anivia was the Ranked Reward for 2023. | © Riot Games

Split 1 ends on the 14 May at 23:59:59 according to your server's local time. You still have quite some time to unlock all the split rewards.

If you want to make sure to hit your dream rank check out our Tier Lists for the best champions in each patch!

Every Tier List gets updated with every new patch:

When Does Split 2 Start?

Victorious J4
What Victorious Skins would you like to see this year? | © Riot Games

Split 2 will start on the same day that Split 1 is ending. There will be a downtime of 12 hours for Riot Games to reset the ranks, but you will still be able to play on May 15. Remember that there will be a reset, and you will have to start with your placements again. 

This means you will start at a lower rank than before. It will be a completely new climb towards Split 3 where you can do it all again for new rewards.

Are you happy with your Rank? Or are you more of a late climber?

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