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LoL: Players Still Want A Practice Tool Update

News 10-03-2024 20:43

The Practice Tool has been a part of the League Client for quite a while now and while it gets an addition occasionally it's nowhere near where it should be. 

Prestige True Damage Yasuo
In the Practice Tool you can train all your combos! | © Riot Games

The Practice Tool was originally released in Patch 7.3 in Season 7. It's a training mode where you can play against an optional bot and have a whole summoners rift to yourself. You can place dummies and train your combos on them. In the Practice Tool, you can refine your skills and work out the perfect build for your champion. But the game has changed quite a bit since Season 7 which was 7 years ago. Nowadays, we need more options and the outcry from players grows larger towards Riot for a better practice tool.

LoL: Riot, We Need A Better Practice Tool

Sentinel Riven
I learned all my Riven Fast Combos in Practice Tool. | © Riot Games

Players have been quite unhappy with the practice tool for a while now. If you compare it to games like Dota 2 we are very limited to what we can actually do in the mode. You still cannot enter the mode with other players, with makes realistic testing or testing versus specific champions impossible. And even without that, the testing capabilities are incredibly locked. 

Reddit's user u/mr_orvant is one of many community members to complain not only about the mode, but Riot's apparent laziness to fixing or remaking it. Under his post, many agree with him. 

Like c'mon Riot. There is an option to fast-forward the in game time by 10 minutes and when it ends you get an actual AFK Warning. Who thought this through? Complaints about the Practice Tool come up every once in a while, and most if not all of them are completely valid. League of Legends is a hard game, and learning it is incredibly time-consuming and even frustrating. Putting some more time into the Practice Tool could be a great way to help new players find enjoyment in the game. Riot pls fix.

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