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This one will be for a niche audience though.

Riot Working on a New League of Legends Esports Show

News 13-04-2023 03:20
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This show will be a different kind of hype | © Riot Games

There have been multiple series adaptations of our favorite games over the years, but none came close to both critical and wider audience acclaim as Riot Game's Arcane, which won multiple rewards.

Now, it seems that Riot Games have started the works on another League of Legends-inspired series, one that will have an interesting twist at its core, showing the moba genre in a new light.


Is New LoL Series Like Arcane

If it's not broken, don't fix it is the mantra of quite a lot of successful people. And while Riot Games have previously announced that the makers of Arcane will deliver us more projects, this is not one of those.

Instead, the responsibility of creating the new League of Legends media masterpiece has ended up in the hands of Zhang Yimou as its director, the legendary martial arts expert.

What Will New LoL Series Be About

Previously, the hit Netflix series Arcane, revolved around League of Legends champions from Piltover and Zaun, with mature motives such as morality, freedom, betrayal and family.

The new series will move away from Arcane's concept entirely, instead of focusing on the lore will be an esports drama, with the premise of the main character Bai Yang switching bodies with his favorite player, Ma Da.

The episodes themselves will be around 40 to 45 minutes long, and are, reportedly indented for a younger audience, and revolve around the LPL.

Uzi lpl
Who do you think will feature in the show? | © Riot Games

However, the fact that the director of the show is none other than Zhang Yimou, who has ample experience with martial arts movies, makes us believe that we will be taking a closer point of view when games are being played, instead of watching them the way actual esports games are watched.

One thing to note, unfortunately, however, is the fact that it is yet unclear whether the series itself will ever get actually translated, as all signs point to it being intended for the Chinese market exclusively, though hope dies last.

And we all know that, when it comes to League of Legends, there is the Chinese market and then the market for the rest of the world. Taking into account how many LoL players there are in china, it's to be expected in the end.

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