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You would think that League of Legends is Riot's masterpiece, when, actually, the things surrounding it are.

Riot Confirm More Projects to Come From the Makers of Arcane

Some cliffhangers are best left unexplored | © Riot Games

Riot Games have announced that they've invested a significant amount of money into Fortiche Studios, the makers of Arcane, and now hold what they call a "significant non-controlling stake" in Fortiche, with Riot executives joining the Studios' board of directors.

The Arcane series was the first of its kind to receive such incredible success amongst both the fans of the game, as well as those that merely watched it for the plot and characters. The series itself was home to many of the champions found in League of Legends, as well as the characters only hinted at in the lore, which made viewing especially enjoyable to the player base of League of Legends, as the show was filled with easter eggs.

When will Arcane Season 2 be Released?

There is a reason Arcane's Season 1 was such a hit, and it was due to the fact that it took six full years of development to hit just the right combination of story, sound, and video effects. Does this mean that the next season of Arcane will take as much time? We certainly hope not, and we have the logic to support that hope.

As per their announcement, Riot now hold a significant stake in Fortiche, meaning that pushing the priority of the projects tied to the game should be far easier. Couple that with the fact that, as per the admission of one o the founders of Fortiche, the cooperation with Riot Games has elevated the Studios to a new major player on the international animation scene, meaning that the executives, of which two Riot's employees, should put focus on riding the momentum of Arcane's success before it dissipates. All of these factors point to the fact that Arcane's second season should not be too far off into the future.

Which Projects Can we Expect to Come Next?

Not every project has to be a major one to achieve great success. Up until now, the collaboration between Riot Games and Fortiche Studios has given us successes such as:

  • The music video “Get Jinxed”
  • WARRIORS” by Imagine Dragons
  • "Enemy" by Imagine Dragons
  • “Seconds” - a cinematic featuring Ekko
  • RISE

All of these were the masterpieces provided to us by Fortiche Studios, at Riot's behest. And, while none of them can match the scope of Arcane, they all have their own influence, with the Worlds Champions 2018 being unimaginable without the iconic RISE anthem, as just one example.

Even if the yet-to-be-announced, projects are geared towards what Arcane had accomplished so far, it seems very unlikely that we will be visiting our favorite Zaunites again. Instead, we can expect to take a stroll to other regions in Runterra, with Noxian schemes being an incredibly tempting prospect to explore, or even uncovering the forgotten Shuriman history.

Besides, League of Legends isn't Riot's only game, with the publisher taking after Blizzard's footsteps, and unlike Blizzard, actually succeeding. The potential of Valorant, as an alternative shooter is unexplored, seeing as Overwatch has fallen behind, and the market is free to be explored. And what better way to introduce players to a game they've never heard of, than with a good series, just as Arcane rekindled the interest for League of Legends among new players.