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The prodigal top laner is back with a vengeance

Our LEC MVP for Week 2: Team BDS' Adam

News 02-02-2023 00:30
LEC BDS 2 2 23
Team BDS went 3-0 last week, defeating Fnatic and MAD Lions | © Riot Games

Team BDS remained undefeated in the second week of the LEC and for our money, they have their top laner Adam "Adam" Maanane to thank for it.

The LEC's second "superweek" for the opening stage of the LEC 2023 Winter Season was eventful to say the least. We saw upset after upset, and when it was all said and done, two  teams we saw as just maybe making the top 8 had gone on 3-0 winning sprees and look poised to knock some big names out of the contention. While we saw a lot of players show up, for us no one did it with like BDS' top laner, Adam "Adam" Maanane.

At the start of the season, we did not have high expectations of BDS, and a lot of it had to do with the team pretty much lifting most of its roster from its academy squad. Adam was part of that team that came close to winning the 2022 Summer EU Masters, but his LEC reputation was somewhat controversial after his debut on Fnatic in 2021 - and while squad came in second place, it showed some cracks in the top lane and Adam's tenure was marred by an online spat with his bot laner Elias "Upset" Lipp. Even after his return to the LEC stage, the Frenchman was not seen as one of the elite top laners in the league - but last week may have just changed that.

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In the three games we saw Adam play three different bruisers - Olaf against Fnatic, Jax against Astralis and finally Darius against MAD Lions. On all three, he was a menace in teamfights, often finding his way to the backline and wreaking havoc. In the two games against Fnatic and MAD he was definitely the best player on his team and a huge reason for their victory, but his Jax had some good moment as well.

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Game 1: Olaf702
Game 2: Jax434
Game 3: Darius

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Team BDS continue its campaign on Saturday with a game against G2 Esports. Will Adam continue leading his team to victory, or will G2 be out for blood against their loss to team Vitality?